1. We donโ€™t want dispensaries we want to grow our own weed and we donโ€™t want them tracking where every goddamn dollar is going and tracking the weed get the fuck out of peoples business Americas time is owned by those wealthy cocksuckers weโ€™re being ran back-and-forth and around town up and down and itโ€™s fucking bullshit fuck the president fuck are you lawmakers that are taking your time and fuck the police and fuck you

  2. Btw I saw on the news this morning that the only thing that's holding the proses is work force diversity. But if that's the only thing holding it up that's ridiculous and bullshit as well

  3. Now why couldn't they do a referendum for this issue in 2016??? You had a whole year to figure this out. Though I am happy that this is going in this direction you should not have waited so long!

  4. let's go!! holly crap man, its a harmless plant not a man made pharmaceutical with a thousand side effects!!

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