Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms & Side Effects From DAILY Use (BRUTALLY Honest)

Weed withdrawal ISN’T A JOKE, but there are a lot of puns and funny memes regarding marijuana addiction. On today’s video my guest Cg Kid details how …


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    I genuinely believe that the topic of Addiction is a topic more people need to discuss. People often silently struggle with these kinda things on a daily basis. I’m gonna continuously speak on my own experience with porn which was my “substance” of choice. In addition, I’m going to continue to bring other people’s experiences with other kinds of substances

    Why Quitting Marijuana, Gambling, Alcohol Is DIFFICULT (For Even The SMARTEST Of People)

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    Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK)

  2. 10:17 to better your relationship with it!!!! great words my man unless you are retired or bed bound you should limit your use I agree. ( Daily Smoker) use it for repair, use it for depression repair yes but remember it's like recovering from a car accident or bad break up its better the drinking or at worst suicide heavy meds for heavy heads.

  3. Im on day four. You just made me feel so much better. I know the depression and anxiety will return but in a week or two I'll be feeling fine

  4. I’m going through this rn my whole body is giving out, I havnt eaten in days and I’ve thrown up so much stomach acid and I’ve debated the extreme already…. I have major anxiety disorder and severe depression

  5. I quit in January and let me tell you those withdrawals were very uncomfortable I never thought I would go through a variety of stuff I thought I was going crazy I wanna say after 60 days those symptoms subsided

  6. I was a multi-decade weed smoker and, other than cigarettes which I quit 15 years ago, it is the worst thing I have ever done to myself. Many people can smoke occasionally and it is fine. But if you are a daily smoker over a long period of time the withdrawal is intense but worse is the literally wasted life. Marijuana messes up your head. If you don’t smoke do not start. If you do, stop even though it sucks for awhile to get past it. Being a slave to anything is no way to live. A clear head and improved physical well-being is far better than living in a semi-depressive haze. Onwards an upwards!

  7. I just realized I was withdrawing from marijuana when I took a 3 day trip with my mom and I couldn’t eat anything and felt like I was gonna throw up all the time. I went from taking several dabs a day to nothing because we flew

  8. the first thing is so true I stopped 3 days ago and smoked for 6 years (I'm 20 now) and the last two years daily I don't have any cravings thankfully but the random anxiety is so weird I just chill at home and boom it hits me it's exactly how he described it it goes away after a few mins but it's really weird. I also had a migraine at day 2, I really can't wait until it's over I had extrem anxiety attacks a year ago couldn't even go to the supermarket or ride the bus 10mins without an anxiety attack which definitely came from weed which I also didn't thought of or admit.

  9. Day 3.
    Fatigue, mental confusion, apathy, snarkiness.
    I smoked dispensary grade for a whole year….no one told me anything about weed withdrawal.

  10. Weed caused anxiety in me and its the reason i stopped it. Because it made me uncomfortable. Im 29 days without any and i have to say the anxiety is the worst thing. And aches and pains which fuels the anxiety. I cant wait for this to end but im aware it will. Horrible feeling though. Plus the vivid dreams ain't no fun either. The sooner this feeling goes the better. Will never touch weed again.

  11. I recently stopped smoking weed after smoking for 5 months everyday. About week 2 from quitting, back of my head there’s tension like when u stopped smoking weed and you feel that tension in back of your head not really a headache, and I tend to overthink a whole lot and I feel the stress on my back. I googled stuff and found that my cortisol levels could be low. Anyone have any experience in this, thanks.

  12. marijuana withdrawals are terrible. your thoughts are allll over the place and nothing is appealing. can't even eat anymore cause I smoked before I ate.

  13. This is really a good video. I have extreme marijuana withdrawals, I also have a low BMI so my THC isn't stored in my fat for long periods of time. When I stop, on day 1 I experience stomach pains and cramps along with irritability and moodiness. By day 2, half of my sweating is gone and I feel a lot better. I have been going through 1 1/4 every 3 days. When I quit I literally feel as if I go through withdrawals in such a short time and it is so intense. I am at a University currently studying and I am 1 week into kicking my 1/4 in three days habit. Feeling better every day, and I also want to not just do well in school but actually make some moves I wouldn't when I was smoking weed. (MMJ Used for type 1 diabetes and anxiety and depression)

  14. Disclaimer: I just started watching I didnt watch the video yet

    I don't use marijuana because I don't like it. I've struggled hard with alcoholism… many people recommended marijuana to me but i never felt good when i used it so i decided that it was was just better to cut back on the booze and start.exercising more. I'm listening to the homie right now and I had similar problems with alcohol withdrawal. I wouldn't get mad like hes talking but i would just start rambling about shit that I know the person I was talking to did not care about.

    My depression is not gone and I don't feel like me but I DO feel better! My remedy for this is getting out there and exercising and working on my physical health.

    As an addendum, i don't think theres anything wrong with porn as long as you use it sparingly!

    It's actually my therapist that really drilled it into my head that cutting back is good. I drink less now and thats a win!

  15. So I use for night terrors, shit you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies. I will continue use for help, not for pleasure.

  16. Thanks Mr O – I've basically smoked for 40 years. I never smoke and drove or while working. It was my end of the day ritual and relaxation from owning my own business and being a Type A personality dude. I'm disabled now and I had to quit smoking to go to the pain clinic I was very worried. I threw away all of my pipes etc and I didn't watch any weed related movies or tv shows that were about weed. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was. I prayed every day for strength, and within 10 days, it didn't bother me at all, but I had to rely on pills for my anxiety, depression and extreme pain. I was messed up all of the time, and I hated it. Medical marijuana is legal in IL and I got a card. My Dr is fine with that, so no more pain clinic. I know a lot of others have a hard time.But if it's a problem (like fucking up a job opportunity because they drug test). Everyone is an individual and people need to have to put life before alcohol, weed, pills and every other drug that ruins relationships and careers. Faith and a life outside of weed are the best ways to quit.Faith makes all things possible

  17. Im not trying to punk you, waiting for my guy to turn up. Dude it gets easier , I usually find first couple days are hard but after that its not too bad, but like I say im waiting for my G to come round and sort me out so its not that easy lmao. I personally am quite happy smoking weed but totally get why someone would want to quit.Its harder than many think good luck bro I hope you stay strong

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