1. Bs there is no addiction with cannabis one word can prove them all wrong " Homeostasis " I would get a education on what cannabis can and cant do before you try to come out and not only make your news affiliate look foolish but also your self's There has never been any scientific proof found in any form of study that can say with out bios and total study between 10 or more finding that are not affiliated that there has ever been any form of addiction or harm or any dependence other then 1 in 11 have a mild dependence that is nothing like the scare tactics your trying to use to scare the public to believe that there is a addiction like heroin or cocaine or prescription drugs. Nor has there been a study where the good of the plant was found but a opinionated science of a tester or group that made up these so called study's that only focused on the harms that have been debunked since the 1930's and the reefer madness but of course you have haters like these news affiliates whom think there ideas of the Prohibition of lies and untruths one day will stick and every one will believe in there made up nonfactual stories that have never been proven as factual let alone proven other the the need to be little the poor or the people of color for there own political gain and throw people in jail and make them criminals there whole life so they can get ratings… its sad they have nothing better to do then to lie about things they clearly know is not true….#Normal #MPP #Cannabis #MedicalCannabis #YouthandCannabis #TeenCannabis #MarijuwanaProabition

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