1. amazing work! whats your take on HIP/CMED as they are some of the biggest movers/volume lately? surprised you havent covered these stocks. keep it up!

  2. thanks for the update dan, although I do sometimes have trouble digesting some of your stock picks, because you talk so fast.. As a retiree, I have mostly been disappointed with my lack of returns on my longer term canadian resource and pres. metal stocks, …so I am looking for better alternatives.

  3. Dan, you are doing amazing analysis on the MJ space as usual. As someone who has followed you for over the last 2 years you are one of the best Cannabis traders in the game. I know i am not the only one who would say that you posting these screen cast videos for free on YouTube is the true meaning of "paying it forward". I can't do enough to promote your hard work! All the best from Vancouver Canada.

  4. Great insight Dan, thanks a lot. Can you comment on how HMMJ compares to MJX? It seems to hold similar correlations to the big 3 and curious why you don't use it to time trades.

  5. Informative as always! Looking forward to being a part of your growing community of members, whenever that may be!

  6. Thank you Dan for all your hard work! I would not be trying to learn and trade without your information assistance in these video. Trying to continue learning until I can take the training wheels off and diagnose these charts on my own.

  7. Damn, I thought Dan was a dude with glasses for some reason – didn't know he was a beautiful BEAST

  8. Glad to see your subs climbing and you deserve waaaaay more. Your discourse is at an unconscious conscious level. Awesome!

  9. Dan! So knowledgeable! I do not have the knowledge yet to say trade, and more of a long term invester. I like how you looked at the weekly time frame and daily.

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