Marijuana Stocks: Which Ones are the Best Buys?

To get our full report go to: Marijuana could very well be THE mega-trend of the next few years, but it’s also one of the most confusing …


  1. How has CGC issuing new shares affected the share price? Has their been any effect, and how many new shares can they legally issue?

  2. Scotts Miracle Gro, great indirect exposure with their hydroponics segment and pays a nice dividend too

  3. 9 of 10 Pennystocks is Not a good Performer. Okay then let us know who is the 1. for me its Halo Labs. They are coming soon with Q2. Q1 was 8,7 Mio. USD.

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  5. So sorry if this is a stupid question but I've never invested. Here I go… Who do I take my money to asking to buy stock in the market? Do I go to Walmart LMAO joking but that is close to what I'm asking. YouTube channels talk about stocks but never say were to buy because I assume these pros think everyone already know. Like… A new ice cream comes on the market I wouldn't need someone to tell me to go to a grocery store to buy it. But I do need someone to tell me who sells these stocks.

    I know I'm dumb but I'm trying to learn.

  6. It is amazing to see this. Years ago they were locking black man up in prison for the sale or even the use of marijuana. Now it’s all clean incorporate. This is Hilarious. I hope that some brown people are able to start their own businesses and make millions of dollars from the sales of marijuana. Now the same group of people that would have black men locked away for the sale or use of marijuana,, & they Stand to make millions of dollars for something that they considered a crime not to long ago. Such bullshit!! We’ll see how this little game they’re playing works out.

  7. Motley Fool rocks the house! Shannon and Emily are the best Marijuana Space Analysts in the business!!! Chis is a master moderator! Don’t chase stocks, “invest” in companies with strong leadership and long term upside. Love Charlotte’s Web..!!!

  8. Why do you people like to get in front of the camera or write huge documents that only waste subscribers time? Why don't you just come out at the beginning of your text or videos and tell us the stock symbols that we paid good money for you to research and offer them to us?

  9. Should have mentioned a marijuana REIT!!! Symbol IIPR has done very well and pays a dividend. surprised they did not mention this.

  10. I think KGKG is going to be a good company with CBD infused beverages I see a market for that

  11. I value Motley Fool's advice. When I first thought about the marijuana sector as a potential investment, I could little to no info because most analysts didn't know what to make of it or how to value these companies. Based on articles by the Fool I found online, I purchased Aphria and Aurora at around $2 each. I foolisly (pun intended) waited to buy Canopy until it was around $9. At around $40 today, it's still a nice investment. I remember when I wanted to buy Amazon on the IPO but instead listened to analysts who said it wasn't profitable, etc. and so didn't buy. I'm still kicking myself over that one. I feel the same way now about marijuana stocks. Most are not profitable at this time, but that doesn't mean they won't be and I think most analysts can't see the potential.

  12. As a 64yo female, I loved this vlog. Shannon Jones & Emily Flippen thank you for sharing your intelligence and perspective. Fundamentals need to always be mentioned. You two women have a bright future! Please disregard the negative comments…they are just jealous of you! Haha

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