1. Charlie what is your preferred online trading platform and why? Is it Webull or Thinkorswim, or any other?

  2. weed stock has made me a million dollars and now am a certified millionaire.. If i can do it anyone can contact me stephanjamestrade at gmail to get straight to the money

  3. Today is my first time listening and I’m impressed …you are an amazing brainiac … your stream of consciousness and ability to communicate clearly and concisely is fabulous.. I wish I understood more of the technical jargon.. I’m learning and want to check out more of your posts .. you have so much to offer… thanks

  4. $3,000,000 Profit with (HIPH) Low Price shares (HIPH) is about to Launch CBD cosmetic & 3 Million Shares owned and sold @ just $1.00 price pop will be worth $3,000,000 for an investor

  5. Checkout dirv direct view Holdings there in the security sector they have a lot of action and a lot of news

  6. I greatly believe investing in Marijuana is highly lucrative, i personally know a few folks who became millionaires form investing in this stocks.

  7. Here a tip to look 👀 professional button up your shirt it’s not 1980s anymore it will make you more presentable

  8. I bought 1000 shares for Fire and Flower. They just won the ontario lottery to open downtown toronto.

  9. Being that aurora has expanded to 23 countries I believe,I think it might be the coca-cola of the marijuana industry or a monster contender to say the least!holding long-term for max profits.

  10. I wish all these stocks were on Robin hood I had a few in aurora hexo and tcon as well as plug power what do you think?

  11. A fellow YouTuber, watching your videos has been helping me learn how to get into the stock market and I appreciate it. Thank you

  12. Like ur channel and will appreciate more videos ( I have notification Bell on ) so keep up the good work

  13. Thanks for the video. What do you think of ROKU right now for a swing trade or for long term hold ??

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