1. You are hilarious!! Love your videos!! Learned and laughed a lot from them! I'm up $800 already since a month ago with minimal initial funds. Thank you!

  2. Illinois just legalized recreational! Green Thumb:GTBIF is a Chicago-based grower set to profit. CRLBF also has reason. MRMD too.

  3. Boop.Boop. Boop.
    Thanks Charlie, for yet another great video! I saved these on my watchlist 👍🏻

  4. Great video, Charlie as usual. I have been learning and making profits with your strategies.

  5. Paused to give my Guess, I'm assuming IIPR is on your radar, because it's showing a comeback king/queen pattern. not dipping below RSI 30 much, but getting close, and regular enough with the steady upward trend.

  6. CRON is not going to go up in my opinion. Look at the Ichimoku indicator set! The price is in the cloud so if it's going to go up it needs to be above the cloud! This is all on the 1Y : 1D chart.

  7. Are you able to day trade on webull? I know on Robinhood you can only trade so many time the have to wait a week is webull the same way

  8. Upward trend. Slow to rise until picked up on scanners. Then as long as reject downward trend short run is possible

  9. well Charlie i have been watching you for a while now and cant thank you enough a like is the least i can do for you sir. and for your question on IIPR is that the rsi is showing a pattern of going from fair value to overbought, we also see that its is holding above the 180 moving average tell us that it has pice strength also it has tested the 180 moving average a few times also validates the pice strength. like i says Charlie i really appreciate your work love from Scotland. had to edit for my pat on the back 👨‍🎓

  10. I use my boop-noises to guess that this stock has an overall uptrend and show a sign of an comeback king/queen pattern going from overbought to oversold and so on.

  11. Once again, Youdaman!
    I even sent a copy of this vid to my wife in order to train her to not try and overrule my my investment choice decisions… 🙂 I'm hoping she subscribes and watches you on a regular basis…

  12. I've done lots of research over the past couple of months , price action , news, growth potential etc ,and came to the conclusion to go hard into Canntrust [ctst]. Plan on selling off half of the shares on the first spike and holding the rest long term, unless I get a sign that theyll be selling off shares for cashflow. The price action looks so predictable that its actually scary, and it seems like a trap 🤔

  13. Charlie have you checked out Cann trust? check out the chart Its looking like it ready for a good upside, everytime it hits this support line it doubles or almost doubles in price.

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