Marijuana Stocks To Buy Jan 2019 🌿| Hemp Stocks

Charlie goes over the Top Five Marijuana Stocks to buy in early 2019. We will be discussing exactly what, how long, and strategies you can use to effectively buy …


  1. MARIJUANA stock (HIPH) to Manufacture CBD infused beer and 500,000 real cheap shares sold at ONLY 50 cents uptick in price is $250,000 ROI !#$^

  2. what's difference between investing in Marijuana efts and Marijuana index funds? can you make a video showing how to buy them? I've been researching for months and I don't know where to buy Marijuana index funds. thanks in advance

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  4. I need your help badly like more 1 on 1 … I have 3 children and just lost my job and I'm in a panic!!

  5. Although I agree the miracle grow will likely see some action from marijuana production, I do think that growth will be temporary, although, that is just my opinion.

  6. Love this vid! I was hoping ACB made your top 5. What are your thoughts on it…I see a few other asking too

  7. Great Video,,,, now please tell … if you could only BUY 2 Stock in 2019 with YOUR MONEY, what would they be ? Keep up the excellent work

  8. So totally newbie in td Ameritrade what best stock to invest for long term for about 6 yrs in cbd oil hemp cannabis in general?

  9. Hey man I really enjoyed your video! I currently own aphria liberty health and aurora. I talk about them in some of my videos and why I’m in them for the long term. I also make videos on how to invest if anyone is interested in checking me out or learning!!

  10. I really like how well Invictus is managing its company, and their Financials!!! I think Invictus has great potential! Any thoughts???

  11. Charlie I have acbynyse cronos and tgod that are all up a bit from when I bought Do you like these or sell and get kush co thanks Don

  12. Any thoughts on Curaleaf holdings? They are the marijuana branch of Costa Farms which is the number one distributer of annual and perennial flowers in the US. They could really blow up when US legalizes


    white widow kush

    blue dream kush

    og kush

    jamaican fire kush

    purple haze

    sliver haze


    sativa kush

    strawberry kush

    girls scout cookies

    ak 47

    lemon haze

    Master kush

    Grape Ape

    Blue cheese

    Hindu kush

    super skunk

    vanilla kush

    hash kush

    MK ultra 

    Big Bud

    what strain will you like to buy?

    1pound ….. $1400

    Half pound …..$ 700

    QP……. $480

    3pounds…….. $3500

    (301) 259-1209

  14. Make a Discord! I'm a freelance developer and looking to day trade full-time eventually, right now I'm starting with 2k, I'm 19. I'm sure a lot of people would lvoe a place to hang out and talk about stocks all day, since I'm always on my pc either trading or coding.

  15. Can you invest in stocks for the long term? I'm very new to this. I'd just like to put some money in stocks and keep it for few years. Is that possible

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