1. Bai gauchesca, eres el mejor Youtuber.
    Paloma no te amaaaaa.
    Tu cora esta en llamaaaas.
    Jugas al Fortnite in the night.
    Dibidibadibidu dabadabaduuuu.
    Estoy ready pa, estoy ready xd goku.
    Tus ojitos son sanos.
    Como los de los manzanos.
    Tu hermano no te hablaaaaa.
    Porque ella no te amaaaaaaa.
    P A L O M A X F E D E R I C A X L O U R D E S X M A L E N A

    L U C A S X R O M Á N X I G N A C I O X L U C I A N O


  2. Exciting to hear about your offer on the farm! I know you have been wanting this for some time and you create amazing communities of both people and animals wherever you go. 🙂

  3. Man, I appreciate your wisdom on this, especially CGC. I added on the second dip at 49.08. I was looking at the news about they NY facility purchase. Specifics of that news came out around 2pm, which is what I believe may have caused that afternoon push up.

    Just want to say thank you. It's not just the MJ stocks, but I am really enjoying applying the patience and awareness of chart patterns. By no means am I am expert, but there is a freedom in doing this right. It takes discipline and patience, but The benefit is in that.

  4. Good luck on the offer Dan!!! We need calming pics after the stress of the markets. Much appreciated, thanks as always.✌️🖖

  5. GOOG just crumbled after market.. nasdaq may not have a good day tomorrow.. make or break with Apple.. if they blow it tomorrow.. eessh

  6. that's some crypto-like price containment shenanigans.. they want everything to peak right before the earning are in.

  7. Dan, what's the maximum size position would you take on IAN when flipping on an oversold bounce? Is the liquidity there enough to be able to flip 10,000 shares?

  8. Just wanna be clear about something, CURA is still a great choice for long term it seems, right? I know it's all about the laws in the US, etc. but as a long term investment, it's probably a great idea to snatch up more stock, yes? From what I'm seeing, the stock isn't being sprinkled all over the Curaleaf employees like it's rain. I've read they were offered these stock at around $8+. Maybe that sounds like nonsense…but if they really wanted to make money on their stock, as insiders, you would expect that the percentage at the moment wouldn't be high enough to dump their stock. So I'm assuming we'll see CURA rise again until the next speedbump…

  9. @Dan, can you give your blue sky breakout guide? When you talk blue sky breakout I’m usually thinking “why on earth would I buy into an all time high” but you seem to not worry too much about it. Thanks! 🙏

  10. Awesome as usual thank you Dan. i bought KHRN again 3.42 and 3.52. Bull buying all day nice to see again. Earnings tomorrow for KHRN Q4.

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