1. "Village Farms International Inc. (VFF) Halted due to additional information requested by NASDAQ"

  2. Thanks Dan, always look forward to your videos! Bought some YOLO Cron calls for 4/5 today at $26 strike. Kinda feel another move coming, one way or the other.

  3. Hey Dan. Thank you for your daily videos, they are very educational.

    I'm in the red for the week. It was a difficult week, jumped around too much, and all at the wrong time frames. Some of the bigger losses were Trulieve from yesterday, Cura from yesterday, FB from day before, NUGT from yesterday.

    Made most of those trades on break outs, but all the losses incurred from fake outs on break outs.

    Any advice? I look for break outs with volume increase on a 1-minute time chart, and try to confirm the breakout on a 5 minute chart as well. This strategy doesn't seem to work out well for me, I get FOMOed into a lot of positions, and they turn out to be fake outs.

    Should I be looking out into the hourly and daily time frames? but in those time frames, will I be late to see the breakouts if I'm looking to day trade or swing trade.

    I guess what I'm asking if what is the best time frame to keep an eye on, and how to look for breakout confirmations.

  4. I took profits in CRON yesterday, caught my limit at 22.20 and definitely agree that it may continue to tighten and I'll look to reenter my position below 21. Good stuff Dan! Hit the LIKES peeps.

  5. My wife Sherry, would love to see some pics of you standing against pretty backgrounds, along with some pumping techno/house playing. Really puts her in the mood for trading. Thanks for all the hard work. 馃檪

  6. Appreciate the comments on chasing a trade. I chased one today when I knew I shouldn't and hearing it again from you really helps drive it home. I'm continually grateful of the time and energy you put into going through all these tickers and explaining your psychology. Thanks Dan!

  7. Ho Dan! Tnks as always! I always watch and I appreciate you A LOT as we all do! 1) after the video more puerto rico or farm or living in the car 2) what is your take on AUSAF? So little volume, but it鈥檚 Aurora point 2 in the US which will be the biggest market. I just bought some and im thinking to hold it longterm. I t鈥檇 like to know what you think. Thanks!

  8. Great job as always!聽 Your advice is huge for newbies like myself who are trying to better understand the markets.聽 Any chance you can talk about the setting you use in the TradingView website?

  9. VFF bull flag playing out! 0.5Billion market cap and will be top 5 producer when greenhouses converted. I think a steal even after a massive run?

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