1. Dan, doesn't HEXO already have a partnership w/ Molson? I get that partnerships =/= deals, but how likely would it be for another player to enter into a deal w/ them?

  2. i'm new to all this and i get confused when a stock is forming a tightening range and you say it needs to form a lower high or another needs to form a higher low. Aren't they both really the same and when do I think about one rather than the other?

  3. Thoughts on Crypto PRG and how the congressional approval of USMCA will affect PRG and the stocks/coins mentioned here ??? Do you have a first place pick ???

  4. Dan, I noticed your alert for RIOT. Never heard of them, but took a look at the chart and WOW…ATH was $3600 now trading at $3.33?????

  5. Looks like an inverse head and shoulders pattern forming on TGOD's daily chart. Will be interesting to see if it's able to break $3 USD after setting its higher low.

  6. HEXO is on the "NYSE American" which no one really knows what it means but its not exactly the NYSE. Lol

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