1. at 6:24, wouldnt it have been a bottom fishing play? How did you know to buy in again, usually you do bottom fishing plays

  2. Dan you're making a lot of people money in this sector, can you please post more video's in the cannabis sector!

  3. I made my first entry into Canadian MJ by buying 3 shares of MJX (last night-before the market opened today I guess). Should've been a bit more aware of the bearish topping daily candle I guess before doing so. Um, I used Fidelity, market order, $6 fee. Is this what you use? While using the Trading View charts for your data? Feels awkward. Is there a one stop shop to do it all and also pay less/avoid fees? Thank you.

  4. Man, did you ever call it yesterday. Jeff Sessions now throws a big wrench in things just to make it interesting. Lovely.

  5. since Dec 27th Ive had major issues with filling orders, but the sells go through almost instantly. very strange, I understand your frustrations Dan. Thanks as always for your great videos!

  6. Could you please answer this question for me? I'm brand new to investing some bear with me. At 6:55 you talk about weeds position tomorrow, and you put the 3 deciding factors on your chart. If its not to much trouble, could you explain what they mean? What should i be looking for tomorrow at open. I really appreciate it. Love your videos

  7. I avoid stocks now. I've been screwed over too many times by these corrupt manipulated market makers.

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