1. Hey ChartGuys, I've always watched your vids but only just subscribed, I really enjoy those insights on the graphs. I've been investing recently in DeepOnion – low market cap privacy coin and their charts are really interesting but I'm not sure what to make of them? Anychance you could take a look and let me know or if you could make vid showing it that would be awesome. Thanks

  2. I think I would definitely check out your site. One thing I learned since I started trading in the crypto space is that, the best projects are the one with great community behind. Just like DeepOnion and Verge. Specifically DeepOnion, they value their members and gives generous rewards to show that they are appreciated.

  3. I spotted this Aphria drop yesterday. Weekly RSI was above 93. It's never been that high it was bound to pull back. I'm thinking based on the trend it can go as low as 17.50-18.00.

    The entire sector should correct by 20%

  4. Hey Dan. Thanks for the thorough videos, especially lately with the daily videos on the MJ sector! I have two questions, which may or may not be related:

    -Had a question on playing the bounces: how do you know it's just a bounce rather than a recovery? I've seen it happen several times in the sector where bulls shake off weak hands and the stock then recovers right back where it was and sometimes even goes green. Today, on the other hand, the whole sector bounced a noticeable amount only to return to the lows of the day for close. I could've sold on the bounce to buy back in lower but did not catch the bearish reversal at the midday. What warning signs tell you that it's about to go back to low of the day?

    -I use the MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands to analyze the overall strength of the stock, but sometimes find conflicting results between the weekly, daily, hourly and 15min charts. If, say, the RSI is low, the MACD just crossed green and the price is touching the low of the Bollinger band on any of these, I am very bullish. But sometimes this happens on the 15min, while the daily or even 4h chart look overbought. How do you consolidate all the (sometimes seemingly conflicting) information from the different timeframes into a decision?

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