1. Although I think the future for cannabis companies is bright, I believe the near future of cannabis stocks is in trouble. Iโ€™m waiting until these stocks sell off before I get involved and try to make some real money. What about you? Are you buying now or waiting for prices to get cheaper?

  2. Video is based on avoiding risk of losing return.., how ever you state its best to buy based on the companies selling out there rights to run there business/ by making deals they lose majority control (canopy). Also hoping for a company to strike a deal is just gambling so I cant take any of your information seriously . cheers

  3. I really dont comment under videos but your videos are just pure value.. I think i made the same mistake but only a small amount and havent made any losses yet (about 1%). thank you!!

  4. Great insight and analysis! Just found your channel today and subscribed. Keep up the good content!

  5. Learnt something new every time when I watched your video. Really loved the way you analyze stocks. Thank you!

  6. I have a decent amount of cash and I want to invest in a marijuana stock but am a rookie at the stock market. Any advice on what I should do or what company to invest in?

  7. Well said. The only reasonably valued pot stocks are on the CSE, mostly because people are so focused elsewhere. I made some money trading Canopy, Aurora..etc, but wonโ€™t hold them long due to their insane valuations. Over at the CSE there are two gems I am holding for long positions, which are profitable and have excellent margins. My favorite horse in this race in Valens Groworks, but a close second is Tilt Holdings. Have you heard of them? Probably not, which is a good thing. There is still time! Valens have 3 Canadian analysts giving it a $5-6 target, and it was recently added to a small cap ETF for pot stocks. Their margins are 50-60%, and they have multiple 3 year contracts with many of the biggest players in the industry. This is a B2B player, with a very interesting business model.

  8. I am completely new at this and want to invest in marijuana, particularly because it is now legal in my province/country. I didn't jump on the bandwagon when Aurora went public and wish I had. Same with Canopy Corp. Now, Fire and Flower, a franchise in Canada has just gone public. I have a bit of money to invest and want to put some into FAF and Aurora. What are your thoughts?

  9. I got some chronos stock got it at $10 then it went and doubled to $20 I'm struggling if I should sell right now or hold it and wait for another spike in price… this is nerve racking…

  10. Why not adress that these revenues are based off of a shitty legalization rollout, plus America, Europe and Asia have yet to legalize it, making the market a lot larger

  11. Iโ€™m not going to argue about a mass correction in the future because sure I think itโ€™ll happen. But sitting on the sidelines?? There are sooo many catalysts to move this hype higher and higher, just wait till the US plus more countries legalize. There is way to much money to be made to be sitting on the sidelines

  12. Wow, I'm currently invested in CGC and ACB (bought in during the Dec crash) and I was wondering about this very topic! You've opened my mind up to the idea that these stocks may in fact regress to the mean if they fail to keep growing on their own (without being acquired) which may help me avoid over investing in weed stocks, so thank you!!

    And thank you for explaining the P:S ratio for us investing noobs who don't make the connection that sales and revenue are the same thing, and how useful it can be for evaluating companies, especially not profitable ones.

    P.S. I did try to diversify a bit by investing in MO instead of Cronos directly, and I've been thinking about investing in the suppliers (Scott's miracle grow) and weed real estate (IIPR, which is a pot farm REIT). Hopefully by spreading out my shares like this I can avoid the full bubble burst if it does come.
    Anyways, excellent video and keep up the work like this, I loved the way you broke it down with the lists of all the companies.

  13. Yup. I had a buddy ask me last night what he should do with his cronos. He has tripled his money already. I suggested that I would do exactly that.

    Sell and lock in the profits. Then buy more when the bubble bursts or move on entirely.

    And I made sure to let him know to do his own research and make his own choice. As he and I are investing for different goals, have different strategies and he knows more about the company than I do.

  14. Can/If you buy against the stock and they get bought out do you lose? Assuming itโ€™s the opposite as doubling up when a stock splits. Sorry if a dumb question, Iโ€™m new to stocks and investing. Basically asking if there is a win if the bottom falls out of these

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