1. Thanks for all your videos on the sector! Great job! Can you include a look at LEAF in one of your future vids. Thanks!

  2. Awesome vid as always! So when you mention having a stop loss as a safety net, is it possible to set a limit sell at the same time with your discount broker? I don’t think I have the option with mine…

  3. Hello,

    It sounds like you're getting a digital squeak in your audio every so often. Am I correct in guessing that you're using OBS to record this? If so, you can get around this by telling the software to record another copy of your microphone track. Typically in my experience these squeaks will only happen in one track at a time, allowing you to cut out the track that is squeaking at any time and let a clean track play.

  4. Forget TA the whole sector is over valued. OGI mkt cap 600M with 2.5M quarterly REVENUE. Revenue not profit, lmao! Even if it was profit that would be horrid. And thats only a 27% growth in revenue from last quarter so don't tell me youre buying this for growth. Thats horrible growth for its valuation.

  5. Hey Dan is the reversal head and shoulders pattern too drawn out on the right shoulder now and no longer there? If it's still alive than Would the pattern only be confirmed if we broke 16.60 APH or 29.50 WEED?


  6. Watching these videos every time they come out. And every time i do, i seem to learn something new and useful. Thanks again!

  7. I thought about entering into acbff towards the end of the day due to oversold RSI but I’ve listened enough to realize market makers will likely open lower and I love having your confirmation with these videos! Thank you

  8. Great review, i'm glad you mentioned emotions – in this market we need to be cool and trade TA not feelings

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