Marijuana Should Never Be Smoked ?? || Dr Aris Latham

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  1. Yeah I'm not going to ask you listen to some old mother f*** that dick know what the f*** each other dude I'm from the islands myself from the West Indies and anybody for the islands and West Indies they know about the the herb and what it does and this m********** to maido smoked or f*** him because I'm stupid that's what he sounds what he's doing do he is he a great scholar he has is he a professor at a black University is he teaching black children anyting if he's not telling to shut the fuk up and go to him go do his do his thing if it was no social media his ass would have been up here right now but no one is social media you wouldn't show his dumb want to be educated ask about don't smoke the weed f*** him come go smoke the white man's dick

  2. Ppl shood not smoke reefa ….why? Because you said. You must no the GOODNESS that comes from the leaf which you should
    For health benifits…PTSD….MS…..ADHD…..the list goes on so i have to disagree and now there saying it can slow down cancer sells took in the positive way no harm done i totally disagree with you ganga is a irie process healing ini no

  3. Fuckery man a talk bout lighting it to the highest degree😂 so when u cook it the Ganga nuh still hot when u boil it the Ganga still hot too so weh di fuck him a seh

  4. Cannabis does not heal. It alleviates symptoms temporarily. If it truly healed you would not need to use it all the time for the of your life.

    People will disagree, but “the herb” is a gatekeeper preventing the full emancipation of the Rastafari. A group of stoned men and women are much less likely to exert their willpower and emancipate themselves, than a group of sober people.

    Sorry to have to say that, but I have seen it time and time again. A bunch of very creative people with great ideas, but to stone to do a darn thing about it. Legalizing cannabis is yet another tool to sedate the masses.

    Tell me I’m wrong to assume that people smoke BECAUSE they are suffering? It is hard to admit, sometimes people can’t recognize their spiritual suffering. Being sober is the only to deal with deep spiritual issues.

    The JAh thing is also a gatekeeping device. Get rid of that darn book already…

  5. This guy is saying that the combustion (smoking) aspect of cannabis is what’s bad, not weed on its own. Any combusted plant material can be harmful to the human body. Weed is a gift, but smoking the plant is not the safest method of ingesting the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant.

  6. Sooo tell me what the fuck is the difference from cooking or drinking marijuana then to smoke marijuana because it's all the same it's going in your body either way

  7. he is talking about juicing the leaves and bud. No heat, no THC activated. Google it. Tons of info out there. Mega doses the theraputic benfits without the high. Come on, people. EDIT- he references the THC as the 'toxin' released (when herbs are heated).

  8. doesn't make sense how you can threaten then substance of and adding heat to make it a totally different quality to contain😑

  9. So all the years that Bob Marley smoke weed and all that is bad now because we have one Rastafarian one said don't smoke weed because he has his terminology what it does to the body dude we all going to die somehow why is people think it did he going to live forever that's the problem you got people in the health gym you're all that like they going to live forever you're not going to live forever most motherfukers that sitting in the gym half number HIV oh got AIDS undercover homos okay that's basic Wilson to Jim because if you have to go to a gym and go work out where you can't do that in your own home. Just tell you about yourself that you need some attention so you go to a gym to go get some attention not only to work out but to get attention this is this is what life is about everybody want to be a health freak but no one wants to help the homeless people off the streets but everybody wants to be a health freak this to be Catholic when the world starts to give you what you want you're not going to get it you'll see

  10. Thank you so much! I drank the herb; never was compelled to smoke; yet, instinctively I steeped the herb in sunlight; my euphoria and sense of well-being endured for weeks. My creativity was focused and there was no scatter or compromise in my mind.

  11. I been smokin since I was 18 and the most health problems I have today is diabetes and I'm still in better shape than most my colleagues

  12. No weed SHOULD be smoked for certain diseases. It’s more effective smoked a lot of times. Please don’t spread this myth.

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