Marijuana Legalization and The 2020 Election

2020 election is a year and some change away. watch to find out which presidential candidate is for marijuana legalization. as you know weed is legal in many …


  1. Peeps, please just know, not all of us republicans are against full out legalization, along with the social justice issues that Corey Booker talks about. Its mostly the old fart conservative GOP base that are against change concerning cannabis reform. I'm for Trump, I'm not a conservative, not racist or a biggot or what ever some closed minded ppl may call me simply because I vote republican. Oh and psssst… (Insider info here, wink,wink) Look for trump to pull the rug from out the bottom of the democratic 2020 hopefuls by calling for legalization himself. If he's dumb enough not to, then he probably deserves to lose on that merit alone. One love, Jah most high…..

  2. This is going to be my first time voting for a president
    Thanks for the education. I’m so indecisive though😭

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