Marijuana Legal in Texas?

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  1. they keep bullshitting.. just fully legalize marijuana in Texas.. I don't see what's bad about it to be very honest..

  2. Texas supports the mafia and the black market because legislation gets kickback money from El Chapo organization

  3. Passing a Texas MMJ law with anything over .05 percent THC content and available to those of us who suffer from severe pain will NEVER happen in Texas, We Texans enjoy watching others suffer then swoop in to pick over the assets of the deceased for profit. The sooner these sick people die or blow their brains out, the sooner Texans can liquidate the assets into cash , just ask the states Real Estate Agents, Banks, Churches Funeral industries….etc . I know, I suffer from severe pain from being crushed by a drunk driver. Triple A, Pancreatic Cancer, Severe Arthritis Degenerative Joint Disease, Diabetic Nerve Pain ,,,,etc  and I cant get a prescription for a drug :Cannabis: that does miracles for my health problems. But, they will load me up with drugs that will destroy my kidneys, liver, and cause an early death. Compassion in Texas, Your kidding me, Its Cash before Compassion. That's what rules the Texas politicians, the Lone Star Christians, Businessman and other self righteous Texans, So keep on deluding yourselves

    Ben McClure
    P.S. Don't offer to pray for me, Keep your hypocrisy to yourselves!

  4. Not a chance in hell it is happening. Everyone has that one crazy uncle right well i have 2…One is a pothead who got pulled over on his way home from watching Avengers and had a little pinch of weed on him so he got thrown in jail overnight and had to see the judge and has to pay a lawyer all because of a thimble's amount of weed…i have another uncle who is an alcoholic and i got called a few nights ago to come get him so he wouldn't have to be taken to jail..after he was found passed out at the wheel. Now that just doesn't add up. I just can't figure out why potheads are criminalized like that it makes zero sense. I have one uncle who is lucky that he didn't kill anyone..and gets to spend the night in his bed. I have another uncle who did absolutely nothing except for maybe smile a little too big..and he gets the full extent of the law thrown at him. Nonsense.

  5. Look. We all know that when you have a Texan with a wooden leg — you have 💩 on a stick. 😂⚡️😂⚡️

  6. Can’t wait to gtfo of Texas crooked cops racial profiling over populated jails and too many conservatives Texas fucking SUCKS

  7. its weird in Texas medical marijuana use is both legal and not legal because you can't smoke it you have to get oils and or edibles its weird I hope they fully legalize it

  8. Been fighting this for to long, I was FINALLY forced to MOVE out of texas for medical marijuana treatments for myself and wife now live in Poteau Oklahoma away from Patrick and his bed fellows. Good luck texas, I will NEVER come home even if y'all legalize it. Your to FUBAR for me.

  9. What about Marijuana Induced Dementia? Chronic users loose the ability to remember details. Details are critical in many jobs. Employers need the ability to terminate users of marijuana employed in certain critical skills. I can see legalizing for people with unimportant jobs, like musician or actor, but a person working on a fuel system would forget a critical o-ring that would cause the fuel system to leak, cause a fire, and loss of equipment and/or life. Dementia is a serious side effect of long term marijuana usage.

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