Marijuana Laws in America: Racial Justice and the Need for Reform

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  1. Set the legal age to buy, THC in blood limit to be able to drive vehicles, police tests to test the actual THC levels like alcohol breathalyzers do, penalties for selling to underage, etc. and is all good to go, easy

  2. I read that 66% of Americans want the cannabis to be legalized federally so my guess is it will pass

  3. Many Libertarians, Conservatives, Independents, and Democrats believe in personal liberty. When the rubber hits the road, your beliefs will be tested on this subject. If you say you believe in liberty, but won't even protect the right to ingest or refuse to ingest, foods, medicines, etc, then your cry of liberty is hollow. This is about far more than liberty to ingest cannabis, or other herbal medicines, it's about whether we the people are truly free, or not. We tell the world we are the greatest nation on earth. Time to prove it. "Give me liberty or give me death" wasn't just an ad campaign or a sound bite. It was a commitment to a way of life that elevates and validates that we the people are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  4. It’s a victimless crime and many times safer then alcohol, that is allowed to be advertised as a fun healthy beverage. It’s status on the CSA list is totally absurd.

  5. Since I'm a workaholic addicted to cigarettes, it would make more sense/cents to have the big tobacco industries just switch to marijuana so I can quit cold turkey and not get lung cancer later. I know people value dollars over lives these days but fuck that shit.

  6. Nothing will get through Mitch McConnell and that is what the focus should be on. Tremendous pressure needs to be placed on him to stop killing marijuana bills.

  7. That black lady against the States act is an idiot. We need to pass that law asap. I'm a Hispanic male and this isn't about race. Fucking stupid lady

  8. Mr. Nadler at 1:24:31 you are mistaking "crazy" for your own ignorance. Do not be fearful, move ahead and do the job we pay you to do, preserve and protect our great Constitution.

  9. I've spent hundreds of dollars sending letters to government reps. I was getting very angry feeling like they just didn't care. I don't know what happened, maybe they are tired of getting so many letters about it, but I am glad they are finally doing this. It NEVER should have been illegal to start with. Watch cancer rates drop when it's legal all over.

    Does anyone know when this will be officially decided?

  10. I wish I could upvote this video some more. Definitely more Americans should see it. The history of cannabis prohibition was a real nice touch but it barely scratched the surface. There were economic special interests that also fed upon the act of prohibiting cannabis at that time. I believe you will find quite a revealing connection between the self interest of both DuPont's business and wealth if you look just a little bit. Here, I did it for you – enjoy.

    By the way, I firmly believe donating whatever you can spare to these two organizations can help bring about a controlled change to marijuana laws.

  11. "It would require an individual to consume 1500 lbs of Cannabis in less than 10 minutes to elicit a mild reaction." Chief Justice Francis Young, 1988. The ruling was overruled because it was not in line with DEA Policy. Marijuana Prohibition is blatant Oppression of the People. End Marijuana Prohibition today! Give America back its Number 1 Cash Crop! Return the backbone to our economy!

  12. 1:24:40 who is that woman behind the doctor with the permanent surprised duck face? At first I thought she was shocked to hear what the doctor was saying. But she is stuck like that. Anyway, is this hearing actually going to make any progress?

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