Marijuana is evolving

The marijuana industry is modernizing. With on-demand delivery from Eaze and the ultimate dabbing machine, the Switch by Dr.Dabber. Even vaporizers like …


  1. Vocês, que preguiçosamente, fingem não compreender o meu esquive da fumaça, e fantasiam eu, passando a bola, de e modo soberba animal; se continuarem assim, vocês, são retardados e injustos.

  2. Seriously, would never have thought CNET post this! nice work team – thanks for all your help with helping me choose my electronics over the years and providing quality content. Maybe now you could help the community choose strains? 😂

  3. Marijuana is not a drug. Stop being a sheep and believing the pharmaceutical companies are here to help you. They dont want you having access to something you can grow for free in your back yard. marijuana literally helps with everything.

  4. Smoking weed from a vape is by far the most enjoyable experience for me personally. Bong just feels too much on my lungs. If only weed vaping felt stronger

  5. Great segment. Love that cnet is stepping out of the box. Would like to see more of these types of videos.

  6. lol leafley has been around FOREVER. not evolving in that way, the other ways, yes. Also "re-creation"? is your editor a potato?

  7. We ran a pot farm in Albania, shipped it across the adriatic into southern Italy via speedboats and in turn Italian "clans" would always have the right connections that would help distribute to the western euro market. We smoked it and made money. It served 2 purposes.

  8. The vocal fry coming from that woman’s mouth made me stop 🛑 the video and comment how much a hate vocal Fry. You sound like shit woman.

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