"Marijuana Is A Drug…Weed Is A Drug" – (Part 1) – Paterson, NJ – Mental Clean Protein

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  1. Ten years of heroin addiction, now three years off heroin and only smoking weed. I smoke a little in the morning when I wake up, and some after work in the afternoon… it helps a lot with my PTSD and social anxiety disorders. The only reason I graduated from smoking weed to powders and pills was because marijuana had too potent of a smell, and it was not accepted back then the way it was now. I was introduced to painkillers and settled for that as a young adult because it seemed to be more socially acceptable or “straight” back then. As long as it was a prescription, right? Ridiculous. Had I just smoked weed and not cared about the societal pressures I would have never found my heroin addiction. And it’s heroin— not marijuana that’s ruined my life. On god.

  2. Weed is a drug you right. Everything you said was right that shit does fuck up your motivation but thats only if you let it control you. I smoke only on the weekends to relax and cool down but thats only after i done handled all my business cause i know if i smoke before hand imma mess up or miss something so you are right. You just cant over do it and let it control you. Cause that shit will eat away at your pockets 😂 and your brain and have you doing all types of dumb moves. I feel you tho. You not wrong.

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