1. Many haters.I don't understand it.Don't they realize we have been here all along? So many people need to tell others how to live.

  2. It's sad when the fate of our nation is in the hands of chronic inebriates who don't see the absurdity of their situation: "Needing" to imbibe a dangerous controlled substance "to be happy," "to feel good," "to deal with problems" or "to get through another day." Some of us are still able (and prefer) to do those things ourselves. Murders are rampant in Chicago, New York & Detroit but it would be a mistake to "decriminalize" homicide "because everyone's doing it." Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if nobody is doing it. Thanks to the left, our young people have zero internal moral compass; they do/think whatever Hollywood says is "cool." Sadly, they don't question the source or the ulterior motive—and we're all paying the price for it.

  3. hold on hold on. did she just say michigan is isn't and cannot sell weed legally until likely 2020. but it legal to possess 2.5 oz on ur person?

  4. Wow that woman is talking about how hard it will be to start selling cannabis at legal dispensaries ! Lol. Just wait for Jimmy down by the corner

  5. What's with everybody caring so much about calling it 'cannabis'. I call it mawdeeehuana like my hispanic brethren to the south do. The beauty of the plant is it helps you focus on the important things in life… What it's called is not one of those things.

  6. I predict that widespread legalization is just going to lead to new forms of systemic racism/oppression of certain demographics. This isn't going to be the happy ending we all wish it was.

  7. Lol in Colorado people as young as 14 do smoke. Everyone sells it. When I was 16 I got it out there all day from older friends

  8. We test because we hate your freedom and what you do in your spare time is totally our business. Not!!

  9. Lol in Colorado you can't light up in public legally. Most police do not enforce it though. Remember that.

  10. First of all no one has ever died from Cannabis so don't be stupid. Second, no one has ever died from Cannabis SO STOP BEING SO F-ING STUPID!!

  11. Don't fret about Supply people. As soon as it is recreationally legal you will be able to grow up to so many plants yourself. And I guarantee for anyone who has any decent skills at growing plants of any kind you will actually be able to pick and choose your own strains and your own phenos and grow a better medication for yourself, exactly how you want it grown, and knowing exactly what it was grown with. Unfortunately in any commercial habitat you will always have a drop in quality the more quantity they tend to push. And I have heard many people that have quality home grows that would put their product up against any medical facility any day.

  12. Yes. Plan accordingly. If you smoke pot, you can be charged with ovi for the next couple weeks. For all our technology, we really are a stupid species.

  13. It has to be specifically put in your lease.. if not.. the landlord has to redo the lease before they can prohibit it. Period

  14. Cannabis simply doesn't leave permanent stench on walls the way tobacco does. Any fear of that is pure ignorance.

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