Marijuana & Gains With Canada's Fittest 51 Year Old (2000+ Pullups!) ft. Timbahwolf

Does marijuana hurt gains? Does weed lower testosterone? How does smoking impact on muscle gain or fat loss? Should you train high? Follow Timbahwolf on …


  1. What's up guys! I had so much fun training with Kane — make sure you give him some love on IG and let him know you liked the video 🙂 Also, I'm wanting to do more collabs on the channel like this and open up my audience to different training styles other than what just I (or the current state of the research) have to say. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you'd like to see a full blown "Marijuana Science Explained" video in the future! Peace!

  2. About smoking weed and load.. Marijuana has a muscle relaxant effect and is a CNS depressant which explains much of it's therapeutic effects on many levels. It also affect your bodies ability to adjust blood pressure to accommodate different external challenges. This may explain why this gentleman states that doing volume flows well with weed but everything feels heavier when doing intensity under the bong.. Can totally see how much more enjoyable a long jog would feel blitzed out but how much it would suck trying to go for a 3 rep max…

    Jeff, you seem a little, how shall I say… Off… Couldn't be the bong no?

  3. Bro I’m on the same wave length. You are correct when you say you can connect with the muscle. You must also be spiritually evolved as the discipline involved is very high. No pun intended. Everyone should be impressed and respect your awesome results. Hats off to you my friend…

  4. he is the exact same guy i wanted to be..this is the best youtube video ive seen these days thank you so much.

  5. I usually don’t get high before the gym rather after and man my protein shake tasted so good hahaha

  6. On MJ-im thinking low-impact-push/pull.Heavy ? Never ! This was one difficult WO ! Those Pull-ups ! Yikes !

  7. 6kg lean Muscle in a year while having 700-1000mg of thc a Day. Nö Weights, No Shakes, no Creatine, nö Hormones. Just weed and good Food. And i tryed not to grow bigger. It can't bei that Bad.

  8. This guy must have hopped of the gear years ago, he used to be so much bigger and shredded, timbawolf was huge influentially and physically years ago

  9. pullups are my favorite. I am 48 and currently am doing 100. I also like to puff before working out. great video. peace out

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