1. States on legalization of Marijuana…It is known that legalization of cannabis would bring epic revenue to the state, and the only reason it is not legalized is because that tax money would be located in the general pot of the state…Local jurisdictions (judicial systems) make far more exclusive money through state and federal funding…meaning, local jurisdictions make their money on funding based on convictions…the more statistics of crime…the more funded money for police, prosecutors, judges, parole/probation officers, jails, jailers, counseling, therapists etc…It's all about those jobs that would be reduced…Because criminal backgrounds legally allows discrimination of where one is allowed to work or live…leaves them completely reliant on the charity of others to survive…where charity is not found…they are forced to survive on criminal activity…creating the revolving door…that again feeds the statistics on the need for more funding…this makes a commodity of people being convicted far more valuable for exclusive funding of local jurisdictions than the far greater revenue that would be produced for the state…

  2. Legalize it ! Its criminal to withhold a patient from a plant that can potentially help their pain and suffering. Anyone who can benefit from cannabis should be able to make the decision to use or not to use it. Thank you.

  3. NM people always drive to Colorado and buy it and take it back. They can only grow 3 plants in NM, and have one medical marijuana store every 100 miles. Colorado is closer for people in Taos to drive to Antonito.

  4. I love Vegas!!!!!! Legalized, I love Colorado!!!!!!! Legalized!!!!!! Then we can fix our roads then we can fix our schools

  5. Thank you DEA! Get that meth, xanax, heroin, opioids. Get the Mexican violent cartels out of our country. keep up the great work.

    Lets make sure our laws work for new mexico. Lots of homelessness and crime in legal states

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