March 27, 2019 – Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey, Federal & more Cannabis Legalization News

Join Miggy & Tom as they discuss the week in cannabis legalization news. here’s the link about the cannabis ticket in Peoria.


  1. Big Pharma will put a stick in the spokes of any wheel that is carrying people towards independence from medications that cause harm to people!

  2. Just dropped a Subscription!!! Check me out!!!! I am advocating and have stories of the brutalitys of doing time over marijuana!!! Help a brother with a Sub back!!! Great video and i believe Kay Ivey will sign a legislation to legalize if the fucks in Montgomery get there heads out out of there asses!!!!

  3. All drugs should be legal. People should be allowed to put whatever they want into their bodies. If said person goes on to commit a crime while under the influence… THEN you punish them, punishing anyone for what they put into their bodies is idiotic and anyone who enforces such anti freedom bullshit aught to be imprisoned themselves for infringing upon other peoples god given rights.
    Just want to say that trump supporters also support weed legalization.

  4. In your honest opinion, do you see marijuana being federally legal within the next 3-4 years? I sure hope so. It better not be a hit-or-miss with jobs allowing it or not as well.

  5. Great show guys. The piece about all those folks in that house on Georgia getting arrested made me think of something. We need someone to show exactly what it cost the taxpayers for that. And how many officers was involved. And also what other crimes happened as the same time around that city. So everyone can see how much money is involved in enforcing something the majority want legalized and how by enforcing that it takes away from them patrolling and maybe catching robberies, murders, vandalism, ect. Just a thought I am sure would help expose the dirty details of prohibition.

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