Making cannabis oil for fighting cancer

Easy way to make cannabis oil. Credit to Rick Simpson for all his research and getting this medicine to the people. I recommend reading his books if you are …


  1. Bull crap , pot has zero effect on killing cancer cells. It's only benefit is increasing Appetite, more successful with ESSIAC TEA , WITH SHEEP SORREL ROOT

  2. I have cancer from 2017. Removed one kidney 2017 and in 2018 livery metastase and surgery again. From January 2019 started to take Sunitinibum(sutent 50mg) and now on RMN doctors discovered then I have 6 mm tumour on livery and 2cm on left kidney. I don't know what to do?

  3. Hello friend! Great video and beautiful result! Very easy and informative. I just want to say that in my experience you should try to heat the cannabis oil pretty low and slow. if you let it get too high in temperature the thc and cbd oils starts reacting and beraking down. Different plants are made up of different active oils. I believe it's quite easy to google and find the different C or F that are recommended. Meaning no offense! Best of luck to you on beating your illness! Bless

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