1. We should not be listening to state-sanctioned terrorists whether we should or shouldn't legalize something that should never have been made illegal in the first place.

  2. Prohibition has never worked! Read your history about alcohol prohibition. There was another famous prohibition and you can find it in the Bible. If man doesn't listen to God what makes any man think man is going to listen to another man.

  3. Of course they are against it. They make a lot of money off of busting people with pot. The U.S government had no business making pot illegal. It was a racist law, made back when only brown people used it, & whites were just starting to.

  4. The only reason they don't want it is all the money they will lose to "fight" it. It wasn't made illegal because it was abused it was made illegal over a rich papermill owner not wanting to lose money.

  5. sheriffs don't write laws(statutes) … piss off, it is the will of the people not your tyranny you miserable cock suckers!

  6. Fucking NY….its okay to terminate a pregnancy during childbirth, but smoking a joint is criminal. This state is every bit as fucked up as California.

  7. Hahaha…good luck guys.
    Oppose all you want. The will of American voters will decide.
    Try replacing the words “recreational marijuana “ with “alcoholic beverages “……see how far you get.
    Because I guarantee…alcohol does tons more damage than pot.

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