LIVE English Lesson – 7th January 2019 – PART TWO – body part idioms – keep fit – uses of ‘work’

Learning English live with Mr Duncan in England. It’s a new year! 7th January 2019. Today we will look at a selection of body part idioms, plus Mr Steve will talk about staying fit. Do you…


  1. Is a good decision to involve mr. Steve, because hearing two people much better for improving the English language. Thanks for it.

  2. Thank you for this moment in real life. I appreciate when you are both talking to us. The reasons are:
    -I very well understand M. Duncan who is a teacher. It makes a pause in my efforts to understand M. Steve.
    -I have a hard time to understand M. Steve but the advantage is that he is an example of a real speaker at a real speed.
    Thank you both of you.

  3. Dear Misterduncan! I congratulate you! You have more than 600 000 subscribers! I really wanted to witness the moment) It is a well-deserved gratitude for such a creative and inspiring teacher as you ☆

  4. Thank you very much for a very informative and nice lesson:) It is a pleasure to listen to you and Mr. Steve! I especially admire the beauty of the place you live in:) And the topics today were really cool. Speaking about modesty, I like the quote which says: "Kindness, generosity and modesty are the best virtues". Have a good week:) Alice

  5. Hello Mr Duncan,happy new year! Every live chat is more enjoyable than the previous one because you and Steve are so brilliant.ta-ta for now

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