1. don't matter if the laws been pass.
    Trump is comming for your weed… specially the dispensary … all thanks to jeff session..that means everybody that smokes weed or grow weed is all a felon , including kids that takes weed for medicinal purposes..

  2. This is another step for California down into the liberal shithole. Alcohol consumption is dumb ass. Legalizing another intoxicant is more dumb ass.

  3. You would think the tax loving politicians could a way to legalize and tax it. Instead we waste billions on the racist prohibition policies of the Anzlinger and Nixon administration's

  4. Wonderful the Democrats will get stupider and more lazy, that means more election wins for us later this year and in 2020. #MAGA

  5. Resellers are going to be the ones making the profit, and tax free. Lol, stupid ass legalizers…

  6. I can't see that anyone that loves their children would be part of legalizing pot. I would want my kids to grow up in a drug free world. Some people can smoke pot and be productive but others can't get out of their mama's basement if they smoke pot. It kills some people's ambition just like alcohol. But alcohol is really a bad thing but pot bad in a different way. But if alcohol is legal I believe that pot probably should be too. But you're never be who you was meant to be smoking pot or drinking alcohol. But I guess Live and Let Live.

  7. Hopefully all the degenerates throughout the US will move to Cali, and then go bye bye when the big one hits.

  8. That's all those lefftards in California need. They're already communists , now they'll be drugged and strung out commies.

  9. Ten times years from now, when these screwed people can't function, will they be given disability, how many people will be hurt or killed on the job and roads. One of my family get hurt from someone high I will hold the government responsible, Democrat, and will take action thank you California

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