Legalized: A Year In The Life Of Colorado's Legal Weed Experiment | NBC News

Election night 2016 was a big night for the marijuana legalization movement as multiple states passed measures including recreations initiatives in California …


  1. I’m tired of this being a left/right issue. I wish libertarians were the majority and we could have legal weed, legal home distillation of liquor, legal full auto weapons and no gun control, and legal prostitution. But that’s to much freedom for the authoritarians on the left and right. That’s also why I hate the republican and democratic parties.

  2. It’s all about it the Benjamin’s long as the democrats can get your taxes and votes..they will let you do anything you want.

  3. Ir brought a lot of money to the city, but also a lot of delinquency and now the city is more unsafe than before. The price of living went to the sky expensive and the food Omg we pay a lot for everything.

  4. Hi, we can also spray the Cannabis legal (flowers, wax, hash, crystals) with a vaporizer of dry herbs, much less harmful, if you want to know more, click on the icon …

  5. AN INCREASE OF $45 million each year for mental-health services, suicide-prevention programs and substance-abuse treatment. The tax, which amounts to 25 cents on a $100 purchase, begins Jan. YEA LEGALIZATION IS WORKING

  6. It has always amazed me that government presumes to dictate to me what I may or may not consume ? They can recommend if they want but I I have never accepted government dictations on what I may or may not ingest into my body…Its not governments business to dictate what I may or may not consume .

  7. We have in México shoops like that in tepito called "narcotienditas" and prices are very low
    1 gr of Orange is 15 pesos
    1 gr of Critical is 25 pesos
    Hydros are like 40 – 60 pesos
    1 dollar is 18-19pesos atm

  8. The mentality that these politicians, police, and other central planners should take on the responsibility of a parent to regulate what their child consumes is a total stray from freedom. The regulation that comes with this nanny state like mentality creates a burden on business and prosperity. Stop trying to take responsibility away from the individual and give it to the state. That never ends well.

  9. I have my card in California and because of the legalization I will now have to pay double for all my medication if not quit because of the cost

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  11. Good job Colorado can't wait till they do that here in Texas. there will be a lot less addiction to other drug's. once all 50 states get aboard. Can't wait keep up the good work.

  12. please America help fiji islands legalize weed no wéed very tough without weed no good strains please please help we need legal weed please I have not smoked weed for 4 months.

  13. "The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense. Clandestine production of and trafficking in drugs are scandalous practices. They constitute direct co-operation in evil, since they encourage people to practices gravely contrary to the moral law."- Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 5, Subsection 2, Paragraph 2291

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