Legal Weed So Far

Ten states plus Washington DC have legalized pot for adults. In several states it’s been legal now for 5 years. How has it worked out? ——— Subscribe to my …


  1. sadly there will be no research how stupid people get because of it. i would like to see a quota there and how you would measure it like you measure the alcohol level. how much do you have to smoke per day to actually get dumber. stuff like that. people should get informed about that. i knew some people back in the day that smoked too much and you couldnt really have a conversation with them anymore even when they didnt smoke for a day or so.

  2. Never forget, it’s not American to give up, but having no choice of your own body isn’t American??????

  3. From a economic stand point, legalizing weed would be beneficial to both decreasing crime rate and, if done correctly, could help with the national debt. On top of that, people wouldn't be sent to prison for 20-something years for a gram or so.
    Leave prison for REAL criminals, not the guy that wanted a "good vibe".
    And weed was made illegal in the first place to crackdown on Black Panthers and hippy movements in the 1960-80s

  4. The guy your talking to is staunch Prohibitionist. Perhaps next time we can find some more lenient minds for this.

    While the move towards legalization is good, and many people want the freedom to do these things, we need the debate on its effects to coincide. Marijuana's active components linger in fatty tissues, such as the tissues that make up the brain. In a belly, the effects would be minimal but the perception change is more noticeable in the mind. When I used to smoke, I felt days after like I was "hung over", my cognition, my response time delayed. Personally, as a gamer, and now as someone who operates heavy machinery, I don't think I would be comfortable smoking off duty, even if it were permitted. My impaired judgment could cause injury, to myself and others.

    And while I want it to be legal, I want the effects to be just as public and accepted as the drug. With its known affecting of brain development, people under the age of 25 are susceptible to altered development when using. Perhaps there should be a limit under that age, or grants give to students and tradesmen who abstain? You work an intensive job, and refuse to use? You get an extra 5000 in your salary, or a scholarship for 3000 every semester. Student loans could get a safe schooling interest rate deduction. Incentivize people to not smoke, or smoke responsibly, as we are legalizing medical and recreational

  5. Alcohol is the real drug that they should have been talkin about that makes you drive on the other side of road and kill a family with an axe…. not a silly weed! the reason weed is illegal is it because I can grow it in my backyard (industrial hemp) and make thousands of dollars on it every month sell it for toilet paper and for paper and for 50,000 products… that's why it's illegal it can make anybody a millionaire! people are so stupid it makes me sick to my stomach

  6. They want to go in the past and talk about slavery and reparations. What about all the times the gov't condemned their own people over a plant that is now almost nationally accepted?

  7. OK, Canadian Guy here, Live in Toronto, Never ever have I heard of ANY mishaps or "Refer Madness" issues going on here people, the ridiculousness of illegal weed and its derivatives is outrageous. Enjoyed hash, weed and other smokables for years. SOON U.S. people ..soon it will come to all of you

  8. The black market for weed is actually thriving now with the legalization. It is simply because they can provide a similar product for a much cheaper price. If these states want to put a dent in the black market, they will have to lower the prices of their products.

  9. Everything should be legal. Let the people decide. I know I'll never use anything. Drugs including alcohol have devastated many members of my family. Not too sure keeping things illegal did anything to stop their problems, they always find what they need.

  10. I support legalizing drugs. But with ONE stipulation. You can solve the war on Drugs in one day. With nothing but a single waiver agreement. You wanna take narcotics, be my guest. The reason rich people do drugs is because short of overdose death; they have a support network or rich family to pay for them when they crash. Poor people have the govt and taxpayer funded organizations like emergency hospitals and such. You wanna destroy yourself with drugs fine but you being fully cognisant must agree to surrender any privileges that would otherwise cater or treat you. You agree the government to stay out your affairs in regards to drugs (short of selling or manufacturing; and any so long as what you do doesn't cause harm to another individual); in exchange you can consume as much as you want without legal reprisal but you must fully surrender any publicly funded obligation assigning aid or assistance even if you Overdose or drop dead. In other words, no Welfare, unemployment assistance, social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, etc. Said individual shall receive no financial aid via government institutions. Now responsibility is entirely in your court; not the taxpayers. There will be causalities and there will be bodies lying in the streets. Since the nanny state is a far more potent drug than any narcotic I anticipate the rate of drug consumption among the curious will collapse quickly

  11. Legalize all drugs as well as gambling, prostitution – anything that is a victimless crime.
    I personally wish people would not get involved in any of them, but everyone has the right to decide these things individually. No one – especially the government – should dictate what we can/cannot do that only affects ourselves.

  12. You can't go to the land of fruits and nuts and ask if there are any adverse reactions to drugs. There are very few sane people there.

  13. You know im pretty sure the act of repeating something over and over again expecting a diffrent result is the definition of insanity.

  14. "Just because something doesn't work, doesn't mean we end it." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a fucking idiot! At least he's honest about his dishonesty.

  15. It's amazing how democracy is being used to push to this as a good thing. If a ton of Americans want to do this, then it's okay. There hasn't been a lot of research done on this on a mass scale and when it does spread, several people are are going to fight it even if it's found to have serious negative effects on the country at large.

    It's nice how he total didn't bring up things like synthetic weed and how that's now taking off due to the relaxation of laws. It's would be fine if smoking weed only affected the person, but like alcohol there are more ramifications that the public as a whole has to pay like drunk driving. Yet because of the nebulous factor of whether the person was being affected at that time of the accident they can use that a means to hand wave a real concern.

    If you're found to have weed in your system most employers will fire you on the spot if you're operating heavy machinery. They don't care about it if you smoked it weeks ago. Business owners understand that the weed you smoke has an affect on more than just you.

  16. Just wait & see ? Marijuana will be legalized in all fifty US states , just like how marijuana is legal federally here in Canada!

  17. Now talk about how the government is taxing the shit out of these new business. The old illegal sellers were making more money before the legalization of marijuana. There is a double edged sword when the supporters are getting taxed and charged for high price licenses. However they are just happy to do business

  18. You can tell the other guy is salty about losing, he's got the incredulous "I'm better than you" look and balks at everything Stossel says.

  19. Where i live marijuana is legally the same as alcohol. Pot usage hasn't changed but crooks don't have the income they once did.

  20. 3:49 Biggest laugh i've had in a week. I can't believe i just heard that from a coherent person, let alone a proclaimed intellectual.

  21. When I was underage, it was 100 percent easier to get marijuana than alcohol. Now that's it's legal and people are carding, the kids are out of luck.

  22. So…with this "whatever feels good" mentality…since murder is going on anyway, we should just make it legal and rename it "conflict resolution. " I'm done watching you Stossel, you are still a liberal

  23. check statistics of hospitals due to drug abuse. Check criminals statistics of heavy drug users of marijuana was a gateway drug. I haven't checked it since i don't care for it.


  25. His comment about "just because something doesn't work you don't stop"! Isn't that what the left says about Socialism? Hmmm, and I thought only the left had that kind of thinking. The lesson of prohibition seems to have been forgotten.

  26. John Stossel is the man, a die hard conservative and nationalist, yet he supports marjuana legalization, great.

  27. Love how he said your a adult you should be allowed to poison your self as alcohol is pure poison … weed is ….?

  28. I dont like weed, but its not my place to restrict others freedom, also if it gets potheads to pay more taxes all the better hahahaha

  29. Wow that anti pot guy is about as dumb as rocks. Just because something doesn't work doesn't mean we should abandon it. Wow! Just wow! Its logic like that that think non violent drug users should be locked up. Unbelievable!

  30. The money they make off illegal weed keeps them paying scientist to find what they want ,just like global warming .All of findings goverment controlled science makes have been found to be wrong, science gets paid and it buys any result you want. Ask Bill Nye .

  31. Marijuana definitely has negative side affects, My brain definitely did not function as well after doing it, and I also noticed the same thing with my friends that used to do it. I'm not saying it should be illegal though.

  32. The problem is all the bloodshed surrounding weed and the people who peddle this crap. Honestly people getting high is a joke.

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