MARIJUANA, WEED, KUSH, whatever you may call it. It has always been taboo and prohibited. However, are Malaysians ready for marijuana to be legalized?


  1. I can't wait till you guys get CBD products over in Malaysia they are amazing for multiple purposes.

  2. Hey adeline. good day. came across your video. first would like to give you big shot out and hell yeah to you. I'm working in a health environment as a database engineer whereby at times i need to deal patients, medications and servers. trust me, i've seen so many types of drugs and name and marijuana is on the list as well. legalizing marijuana in malaysia i say 10%-20% since some of us still not aware the benefits of this plant or in another word herb. the best healing method for curing any type of cancer is marijuana. hoping our ministry of health legalize the use of cannabis only for selected individuals which has serious sickness and major hospitals as well. Unable to DM. would be able to send me the invite link. between keep the good work,. my support is there. 🙂

  3. Well made video! Appreciate you taking your position and creating an education stance on the subject of marijuana in malaysia. Keep it up 🙂

  4. Is hemp oil THC below of 0.2% legal cause I see many people buying it online and having no problems in inspection. Medical Mairjuana is only for THC content of 0.3% and higher, correct me if I am wrong.

  5. In Canada it's used for recreational & medical. Moderate used is a must !!!!! Now in Malaysia is it use only for medical? Wondering also those people who are in prison coz of marijuana, is there any assessment given to them ?

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