Kentucky representative pushes for legalizing medical marijuana

Rep. Dan “Malano” Seum, R – Fairdale, spoke to senate about how Kentucky could benefit from legalizing medical marijuana. Read more: …


  1. So then why don’t you legalize it already?
    We Kentuckians are tired of being denied our medicine!
    What in the world is taking y’all so long?

  2. Just think of the money you can make legalize the shit and stop handing out free fucking needles but has a problems with pot!

  3. Let's go Kentucky. We need medical marijuana… I could care less about recreational marijuana, medical marijuana has so many health benefits not only for mental health but also physical health for some people. "Its sad that the most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it" -BILL MURRAY

  4. Fix the mess of a "pension" system by taxing cannabis sales, tourism alone would be crazy profitable and we would set a presedent for the south east.

  5. Kentucky is going to sink over many horrible mistakes made by conservatives to protect and foster a way of life that has been proven to be oppressive and non progressive. People who are proud to be ignorant cannot be reasoned with, but we do out number them.

  6. Hmmm let's see,alcohol is legal and is responsible for hundreds of deaths. Marijuana isnt and has never killed anyone. They want studies? Look around people,subjects are literally everywhere. Might be a little burnt but have you ever tried to speak to a long term alcoholic? Little worse

  7. There is nothing good when good Christians stand and play god with other's lives… I don't care what seat one represents… Simply start voting out those who want do anything to move forward with Cannabis in Kentucky… Hemp without THC is wrong at all levels… Thank You to those standing and speaking out…

  8. There is no and never will be a "legaslization". Its prohibition 2.0, government monopolization and its used to enforce cruel totalitarian measures towards us. Check canada…:((

  9. I'm all about the Legalization of Cannabis Worldwide and it shouldn't be labeled as a Schedule 1 drug ( same as herion , cocaine etc etc )
    Some side effects are Giggles Hungry Horney or Chillin on the Couch
    I've personally been Incarcerated over 99 times in 41years because of these Ancient Laws that Should have never been Made !
    I suffer Daily due to the Behavior of Police who Loved m Loves to enforce these retarded waste of time n tax payers dollars
    I'm a marked man now for the rest of my life
    It's 2019 Ya'll #FreeTheWeed Worldwide !!!!

  10. Lol 2 grow seasons, it's called temperate controlled grow rooms, grow all year and quicker….legalize it so I can become a billionaire!!!

  11. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

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