1. Nixon is the one that cleared marijuana nor connick drug to make his election or his stuff to go right and his presidency I might not be right on everything but he was A-war on drugs and 1 of the drug was marijuana and it was not right because of you look in our history books we have used marijuana and all of everything we did back in the day I watched the whole fucken video on it

  2. If you look at our history used it long ago before it's in our books like a tell you everything about it like we actually used it before are dumb a** presidents signed a bill to make it a narcotic drug in it is not I nor kotik drug

  3. It's not a nor kotik drug a grows from the ground up it was here before we was dumb a** fucken people in our senate

  4. Is marijuana going to be legal in Louisville and when somebody know where can I find a doctor

  5. I hope they pass this legislation my wife and Father died from the radiation used to treat cancer… I watch as they shriveled up to nothing…Radiation is an out dated treatment for cancer and used by big pharma for the financial benefit not because they care about people… or even willing to listen…For the few weeks before my wife's death she started using marijuana and I witnessed it for myself,,, she began to get better then they hit her with another round of radiation … I've never seen anyone go through so much suffering Oh,,,God it just rips my heart out….!!! And I blame these crooked politicians and worthless doctors that know the benefits of cannabis and refuse to stand up to the radiation peddlers…!!!

  6. I thought Kentucky had a tax stamp for growing cannabis if I recall correctly? Thought it was taxed at $3.50 a gram if owner possesses 42.5 grams or more, and went to $1000.00 per plant if owner possesses 5 plants or more? Now I'm extremely confused.. anyone know? This is coming from NORML. State Code 138.872. Kentucky Tax Stamp.

  7. You need research look at Israel and there fifty years of experience in medical Cannabis the man that discovered THC cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system we all have in our bodies look it up knowledge is power

  8. Look when you tobacco vs green stuff u smoke, tobacco =Yellow loogie, greensmoke=PURE WHITE.

  9. Would be the best thing since sliced bread, go legal ky!!!!!! Down with opiates and dope sickness, and up with cannabis….can I get a witness!!

  10. Once they realize how much money it brings in medicinally, they will legalize it recreationally

  11. They should just fully legalize it. THC and CBD have great medical value and no one cares if a adult smokes marijuana anyway.
    Get with the times, just legalize it fully and then work around anything that might come up in the future.
    8 States have legal recreational weed and more states have just passed legislation for recreational weed.
    Marijuana is a reality you might as well deal with it now.

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