Keepin' It Growing Ep. 7 ( Sexing Cannabis Plants, Veg And Seedling Update)

The Start Of 2019 We Are Going To Bang It out Fresh. 8 Different Strains From A Nice List Of Breeders Who Are bringing the Heat. Sorry For The laps In Content …


  1. Thanks everyone for stopping thru. I really hope you all enjoyed the update this week. We tried things alil differently this week. Plants are now at the age to start sexing them out. A flower run soon awaits us so keep on tuning in. Hit the 👍🏽

  2. Hello love the vids I subscribed.. can u please help me I have 10 regular seeds there a few months old I need help sexing clone .. how do u do this ? Do u have to wait for clones to root or can I just cut an put stright into flower?

  3. Those fan leave edges will buckle from stupid low humidity too partner. Check your hygrometer, if your under 50 in veg it's not good.

  4. Just bought seeds. Do u have to take clones from seed plants and flower them to see the sex or can u see the sex in veg with the plants from seed?

  5. Great video I think the leaf spotting is calcium and the yellowing in leaf is magnesium deficiencies ive also had some issues it would be cool to test the theory about the ph in coco im using cc40 and I never had the spotting but had yellowing of leaves like the one underneath the spotted leaf you were showing looking AMAZING no doubt great job!

  6. Plants look nice and healthy. I hope that ph adjustment does well for you. Keep those hands in the dirt 👊

  7. I always use a good quality Coco like Canna. I have found that due to the cation exchange of Coco, it can hold on to Calcium/Magnesium and thus deficiency's can occur. That’s why I always pre-charge/buffer the Coco in the pots with CalMag @ 2.5-5ml/gallon with 20-30% runoff and let it sit for 24 hours prior to planting anything in them. Then at the time of planting I water in the plants with some nutrient solution. PH 6.0 👍

  8. How many was you able to sex at this age? Some or all? Just wondering. Looking good✌

  9. I keep missing this. Was it live?…always love the channel and garden as always. Bklyn. Holl@

  10. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice plants looking amazing seedlings really looking niiice I'm loving it great job my friend bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

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