Kamala Harris Wants to Legalize Weed & Amy Klobuchar’s Temper Is Questioned | The Daily Show

Presidential contender Kamala Harris tells “The Breakfast Club” that she’s smoked pot, and Amy Klobuchar’s 2020 bid is threatened by reports that she abused …


  1. well jeez, trump has made (or tried to), sexual predation , lying, cheating (stormy), and nepotism , petty much, common place, so legal weed? please, pick a series pic, all of america smokes weed, which decreases traffic death, domestic violence et al. get real!

  2. I just need someone to legalize weed in Texas. I honestly don't give a fuck who wins as long as I can smoke out a bong and not worry about getting arrested

  3. She married to a white man Douglas Emhoff she is not for blackman don't even love black man enough to marry one she do not support black respiration

  4. Also I think it is important that some powerful platform that reaches so many to address how people should react when someone rips off a woman’s hijab in public. How men and women alike should react and protect/comfort the victim without crossing boundaries, escalating, or putting themselves in danger. Doubt anyone cares but I think it is important to address things like this. I am not Muslim myself (Half Korean) but I’ve asked many people about their opinion on this since events such as this have been increasing recently.

  5. Wow, all that reported shit talking about a woman acting like a man in…. every position of power! Am I watching fox?

  6. Judging by the Youtube comments, it's pretty clear which Democratic candidate Putin's troll army is supporting… His dream scenario would be to have an election between 2 bought and paid for candidates on both sides.

  7. Let me tell you guys something about politics.. they all lie to gain support. Look up what she was about when weed was legal. If the voting pool is this terrible I’ll vote for trump 2020.. at least he is against socialistic ideas

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