Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

Politician Kamala Harris stops by to explain why she decided to run for presidential office in 2020. The U.S. Attorney also touched on where she stands on …


  1. My goodness you guys were so tough on Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang compared to how you rolled out the red carpet for Kamala Harris and Booker. SMH…

  2. The guy that spoke on MSNBC I love you you said a mouthful you right not sit down with that donkey
    Because he would never understand you but I hope he's not doing all this racist s*** or anything else and doing something on the side what are his other two other Foods Putin and Kim Young you know how sneaky that can be I just feel like he's up to something else too but I love your speech on MSNBC thank you CC please answer me back

  3. Ask her how Willie Brown helped her n CA politics and what she did for him to show her appreciation…wink, wink

  4. Kamala "the faker" Harris is a pandering fool. Everything she says is false narrative BS! It's scary how it appears she believes her own BS.

  5. I will never vote for a person who does not tell the truth, and lies with a straight face! This woman is dangerous.

  6. At 38:10 she is asked what music she listened to in college. She answered Snoop and Tupac. But they weren't even around when she was in college, not by a long shot! What a phony. And don't forget to that when she was a DA she threw thousands of pot smokers in prison! We just gonna let her slide on this? Call out panderers!

  7. All I ask is that everyone listen to what she’s saying because she is here for black people. We have to fight for her because if we don’t, you know no one else will

  8. I agree with Senator Harris, because I’m here in Vegas and the licensing that have been given to only to the well connected and insider politicians family members….This is what’s wrong with America the wealthy takes mote than they give…PIGS…legalization of marijuana just became more illegal but the rich can get away with it…They stole the business plan form the street guys locked them up and made millionaires Really😡

  9. She said a lot of words, but I didn't hear a single idea.
    The generalities she speaks are nauseating. It's physically painful for me to listen to them…
    20:50 "The issues that range.. that are.. that exist, that need to be addressed and prioritized include everything from education to health care to the criminal justice system to the economy". Uh… no shit?

  10. It has been proven, they have interviewed the parents who were locked up by her law. How is she going to blatantly lie.

  11. What's the statistic of inmates growing up without parents. Oh I'm sorry I was busy locking up this these single parents. Thumbs down to Kamala

  12. How about the fact. The fact that she fully supports and is supported by big corporations. How about the fact, that the only communities she went after for her lock the parents up law, was poor communities. Shes bs, not a good human being. She had put forward so many policiesthat were specific to the black communities. She is discrimination. She never locked up parents from the middle class and upper class, unless she tries to say that kids from those families dont miss or skip school.

  13. How come they did not ask her about being racist towards the black and lower income communities. How about howshes worried about kids being removed from parents, but not worried about removing parents from their children for missing school.

  14. Kamala Harris is believable. She is incisive. Suspect she is going to have it tough particularly from people of colour. Tactics of divide and rule will be played to the max. " Divide & Rule" Radar(s) on maximum detection level!

  15. Phuq Harris and Your Dumb Channel …. I've Noticed How Slow Y'all are and Ya Equal to the Dumb Black Preachers Chasing after Colin K ( with a NOOSE )

  16. Blah blah blah blah blah we're not in France with these words because we know it's all a dog and pony show

  17. Kamala is a horrible candidate. She just says what the current audience wants to hear depending on where she is. Then she walks it back the next day. Her record is HORRIBLE. Watching the video below will be easier than me typing it all out. What is missing from the video though is her protection of pedophile catholic priests during her time in California.


  18. The Breakfast Club is so out of touch from the black community it is sad. Kamala does not care about Black people. Where is Kanye when you need him?

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