1. I can't wait until January 1st thank all the people in the office it legal It and hope to govern the president and the governor and governor government gather you legalize that nationwide

  2. And the dominoes keep falling. Who wants to bet a southern state will be the last to legalize weed. I’d put my money Alabama or Mississippi.

  3. to bad IL raised gas taxes income taxes tobacco taxes so nobody here will be able to afford weed f**kin dems

  4. Can't wait to toke up.  Thanks for sharing this incredible news for us fellow IL peeps.  Your channel was when I first heard.  I take kratom daily and totally want to smoke (well maybe gummies or vape) weed every day.  I haven't had it in years.

  5. The irony here is that in the 70s and 80s the people of Illinois were coming to Wisconsin to drink because our law was 18 to drink beer and Illinois was 20.

  6. Finally I have huge anxiety and the meds the doctors prescribed do not work and make me feel worse. Smoking weed really relaxes me, keeps me anxiety free, and in a good mood.

  7. This should be interesting. A couple of queries pop into mind.

    The cops announced that if weed became legal in IL, they were going to kill the weed sniffing dogs. It was presented as a threat/guilt trip. I wonder if that will occur.

    I wonder if Chicago is going to actually have weed bars. It appears that legalizing weed doesn't mean it's encouraged.

    Cops in WI stated they have concerns about the stateline. I wonder if that will be a targeted issue.

    Red eyes run in the family. Ppl always think I'm high when I'm work worn. I'm not even into weed. I wonder how they'll test for that.

    Think the underground weed dealers will suffer loss? Certainly, they'll slow down. That's the best benefit, not that all pot slingers are gun totin' sadists.

    What kind of backlash from rightwingers and authorities can be expected?

    Congrats IL. Ultimately, it's the best move. It's soooooo rare to see a law stepped down. Usually, like drunk driving laws, they pile law after law after law on top of it. Pretty soon driving by a bar, and glancing at it, will carry fines.

  8. As a chronically ill Ohioan in Cincinnati, where medical marijuana became legal in 2016, I congratulate you all! My advice: immediately establish a civic organization with a true leader, and build the infrastructure with advice from Colorado, teachers from Colorado! It has been 3 years now since Ohio made medical marijuana legal, and there's not a spot of legal bud anywhere. Just yesterday I heard a local radio show on WVXU-FM called Cincinnati Edition–a half hour talk show with a regular host and varied-interest persons to be interviewed. The subject was marijuana in Ohio, and all the talk was "O yes, we have 2 dispensaries going and several being looked into now . . . I checked High Times, and I would have to drive to Pennsylvania because the 2 dispensaries in Ohio are 6 hours away in Cleveland (I don't drive because of vast vertigo related to the poisoning from hip replacements below) and they only have edibles; not a bud to be had. Yet this woman sounded as if the trains had come home: $500 per ounce! I live on the poverty line having been disabled since 2000 (dancers must pay for their choices). At $1001 per SSDI month, I'm way out on the edge of acceptable society (like my mother's). It's just pay up or shut up and don't let me hear you whining about pain. And for a year now, I've been ELIGIBLE for food stamps and Medicaid. For a year now, Medicaid has paid not a cent of my mounting expenses and ailments from being poisoned by cobalt. (That's another guinea-pig point-of-view story of its own in the Hip Implant Industrial Complex.) Stupid girl, caught in a whirl of dirt [the woman on Cincinnati Edition]. Street stuff is $400 without the paperwork! Our own Sen. Sherrod Brown, the voice of the Sheeple, himself wrote me . . . rather, lectured me, on how "marijuana is a gateway drug" and dropping buzz words like "the opioid crisis". This guy got elected after misrepresenting himself blatantly before he was voted in. Now he's striding on his own pre-conceived agenda and not a stitch of work has been done . . . well, maybe a couple of stitches. But THREE YEARS?

  9. The bees are gonna be happy about this one! More gardens, more plants, more nature! Seriously I am very very happy for the path IL has suddenly been on to turn things around. I think it's safe to assume Hard Lens Media helped bring this about too. The revenue this will bring in is long overdue! Visit Illinois and celebrate!

  10. Congrats! Have a news sesh by passing the herb 🌿
    Medicate consciously 💫

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