1. Bro garden looks amazing i subbed up the girls are looking awsome !!!! me and the wife just startednour channel and its our 1st garden feel free to check it peace n love

  2. If it was one little spot that was brown that was more then likely a worm that got in your bud there and air it

  3. congratulations. you should be proud . unbelievable law changes in oklahoma have allowed us to be in control of our bodies. i also am a first time outdoor grower in ok. and have been very happy with results. keep fingers crossed nobody tries to trespass on my property what with the new open carry law. i just subd so keep the vids coming. i like to learn about what you do to make your plants grow. smoklahoma gromie

  4. Bend those plants over your going to get far better results! If I was you I start to cover those up the end of this month and trick over to beat that crazy weather you got going back there!

  5. Great looking garden…Will you just let them grow with no more side cages or support…Or how will you support the sides as they get bigger.

  6. Wow. Your plants did grow some since last video you did. Which size pots you are using for your medical cannabis? Most of the time when it rain in Oklahoma I do bring my only medical cannabis plant inside the house. You are being smart by not showing your face in your videos to.
    Thank you for sharing

  7. Looking super dope! Might need to add some cal mag for that yellowing but looks good over all! Keep it up!

  8. They look good for the crazy rain we had here in Oklahoma. Super cool to see videos like this. Keep up the good work man.

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