1. People know you smoke. Your eyes are swollen closed, you have that stupid grin, giggle at nothing and don’t know what day it is.

  2. Rizzle you mentioned you are seeing signs of flowering…In the video yes it's clear I see flowering…My question is if a cannabis plant to its genetics is a 9 to 10 week flowering strain…Will they finish in that time or keep going to October.

  3. I wish my ladies made it through so well this year. All our rain gave me root rot on one of them and then stunted growth on the rest. Good job!

  4. Check out my grow op (millions of plants). I posted a short clip to my channel of one of our greenhouses. We have over 100 acre sized greenhouses, some equipped with hydroponic systems etc. if there is enough interest I will post a video of the whole operation, as well as how it works. Thanks

  5. What kind of nutrients are you going to use? And how often? If you don't mind sharing! Thanks Brotha

  6. you are seeing signs of flowering. what do you see that is a sign? i am wondering if my plants are doing the same as yours.

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