Joshua Before After cbd oil for Autism



  1. Poor boy . Im wonder how many injection he recive as a vaccination program. If parents are not aware ot devastation vaccines, better make research. Doctors are last persons to tell the truth.. Dont be brain wash people.

  2. I want to buy CBD oil.. from where I will buy it? can I get the website link or place? My son is diagnosed with autism 6 months before. My child is verbal but doing less eye contact.

  3. I use it for my MS pain. It also improves my ability to remember things. I don't forget things as much as I used to now.

  4. hi Molly & Joshua Our Autism & Down Syndrome Journey

    my name is kamal Ahmad and i am from Pakistan Peshawar, my son has been diagnosed with Autism and I have tried a lot of thing for his treatment , My request is about can i buy this CBD oil online also help me get this oil CBD in my country as this mental disorder is growing very rapidly in Pakistan.

  5. So glad you found this oil, GOD created plants for us to enjoy.
    Eat, smell and be pretty.Am greatful someone. Made this for
    Our health. Listen to your GOD VOICE OR INNER VOICE for your choices!!!! THANK YOU

  6. Doesnt this go against the current guidance that autism is genetic therefore cannot be treated with medicine?

  7. FiJi water, kelp, seaweed, and I have even heard of organic pine gum spirits: turpentine helps autism. Look into it.

  8. My son us 6 and has high functioning autism with ADHD..I really want to try CBD . I think it will help so much. I have refused other meds for him because I'm afraid of them. But I have a feeling that CBD is right and I dunno, I think my instincts so far with him have been really good. I'll talk to his psychologist n doctors this week I hope they are on board with it. If not I'll find one that is. Thank you this is awesome

  9. I started using it on my son though he is not diagnosed with autism but he is calmer since we started using CBD oil. A sister recommended it to us.

  10. I heard children can become autistic as late as ten years old, in this world of toxic vaccines and wifi microwave transmissions, do these babies stand a chance ? There is so much information and research available by doctors and scientists that no one is listening to and the media avoids them. Dr. Magda Havis, , Dr. Barry Trower to name a few.

  11. I have autism. I was diagnosed at the age of 4. What I don't like is getting yelled at because, my feelings hurt easily. I break down and cry when I get yelled at and, once that's done I get really violent which shows that I wanted to beat up the person that yelled at me but, I never got physical. It's very hard for me to deal with with these issues. If I see the person at a public place like Walmart or any store, I just turn around and leave which indicates that I was still angry at the person that's called "holding a grudge" which I am pretty GODDAMN good at along with blaming things on others and, ended up hating that person. The fight could end either weeks or months, if the person who I ended up hating would talk one on one with me. Moreover, he/she would apologize to me and, if either one would take another shot of being friends again I would say, "I'll think about it". If the time came my answer could be a yes or no. If it's yes, we'll start over again. If it's no, I'll say 'No need to be but, I'm sorry that we should part ways and, good luck on your search for new friends. Goodbye'. Just forget about what happened to myself and the person and, move on.

    I am 42 years old and, it's tough for me to deal what I had commented.

    I can drive and talk!!!

    When I was 13, I nearly backhanded a teacher because, I didn't like the way she spoke to me. I had her for a teacher once and, she even took my privileges away because, I was behind in my school work. Those are the reasons, that I wanted to backhand her and getting tired of her speaking to me that way. If that happened, I would've been expelled.

  12. so happy for you and for Joshua, I was moved by this video. In the Netherlands, we have two pharmacies that sell the oil on prescription.
    I support alternative medicine, and I believe that many chronic diseases have a solution outside of regular medicine, it is up to everyone to investigate and maintain your own control over your health, and a doctor may have a study for years but every case is unique and you know yourself / your child best, be a doctor of your own health. Thank you for sharing this with us Joshua.
    A big hug for you

  13. Such a beautiful family. Really feel for the wee ones who can’t tell the others around them what’s going on in their brains❤️💙💜💚

  14. This truly took my breath away. Whoever is against this needs to see this video. I am so happy for you guys.

  15. If this is your true story I am very happy for you but this video raises a big suspicion because of huge advertisement inside of video clip for one specific company. It seems like your story was sold to this one CBD oil company and they are using your story to sell their CBD oil. If it was an honest mistake you can remove that advertisement and we will believe your story more readily. Otherwise this is one of those advertisement scams.

  16. denying marijuana to society was one of the biggest errors of humanity.
    like when they started killing cats because they were from the devil, and their barns become infested with mice and they died from diseases.

  17. Hi i m a mum of 28 month old boy and he was diagnosed autism recently i m so worried for him , can u tell me how much amount of cbd oil should be given to him .

  18. Keep children a away from the darn TV set.. subliminal messages are sent to the subconscious mind..their minds will be set by the time they are TV

  19. Wow~ Absolutely Amazing And So Incredibly Wonderful! And THAT Is With The HEMP CBD, Not marijuana! It did Nothing for ME, but I'm a 60 year old woman with fibromyalgia and I've been taking opioid pain meds for like 15 or 16 years. BUT, I AM SOOO HAPPY TO SEE HOW ASTONISHINGLY WELL IT WORKED FOR ADORABLE JOSHUA!!

  20. Hey dear, can you please tell me where you bought it because l want to buy the same thing for my daughter she has Autism and she just turned 11 years. Please help me. May God bless you🙏🏼

  21. Hey dear, can you please tell me where you bought it because l want to buy the same thing for my daughter she has Autism and she just turned 11 years. Please help me. May God bless you🙏🏼

  22. Aww that was so beautiful to see any parent would
    Try anything to help my partner uses cbd for a previous back and car injury he says it works
    Wonders and
    It’s proven to work x

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