John Boehner on federal marijuana laws

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy on the potential shift of federal laws on marijuana, where the …


  1. These are protectionary measures for collapsing states that the federal government allows under these conditions. That doesn't mean citizens are free from arrests by federal authorities. The states have information on who grows and uses plus the feds have access to this to. It's only a matter of time what has been will happen again. We will have a war to reset the populist.

  2. Love the people who stood behind what they know on this its not a gateway drug that's up 2 the individual u have to use your own good common sense

  3. Too bad the federal government won't acknowledge that 65% of Americans want cannabis legal. They still get to treat marijuana users like criminals even in legal/decriminalized states, what a joke

  4. Trumps Right to Try Act allpws terminally ill patients to grow and possess marijuana despite if the state has its own Right to Try laws. It is up to states to create a plant count, but no state can deny terminally ill the right to possess and grow.

  5. We need decriminalization + the right to cultivate.. The only way to remove the black market is to allow small farmers/businesses & home grows to thrive! Many counties/cities in legalized states are only continuing the prohibition by creating the most restrictive regulations possible. In CA most counties have banned cultivation, manufacturing and retail. Most of your dispensaries are operating illegally and the people operating these businesses live in fear!

  6. The federal law is outdated and is causing issues. I’m a responsible citizen in my state, but according to the feds, I have no constitutional rights and I can only use certain of my licenses at any one time. This is madness. I would settle for some clarity. Thanks.

  7. Indiana will be the absolute last state to legalize. What the people want don't matter. Gov. Eric Holcomb throws out bills without hearings because only his opinion matters.

  8. if you have a trucking job, the DMV will still not let people use it on their own time. Which is the most popular job for highschool educated men. But you can still drink when you get off work. none of this matters until it is legalized on the federal level. If you operate any type of heavy machinery at your job, none of this "states choose" stuff matters. Hard working people should be able to relax too, not just kfc employees

  9. I don't get what's wrong with you people…. this is still first class slavery…. states and federal government have control of the citizens…. legal citizens that pay your paychecks….. and you have the rights to take away rights just cause live in your country???? We work in your system and pay to live in your system and we have no individual legal citizen rights???? Is that or is that not slavery?????? Make us work!!!! Makes us pay to learn and live and get a god job and do whatever say and pay you for us working???? So many pay for rights to do things like drug companies… but screw the people they don't own anything stolen by your ancestors????????????????????????

  10. Doesn't this all violate the 14th amendment???? When do equal rights come in to play??????

  11. Hmmmm…. a reversal in attitude like this usually means someone is applying for permits and a licence to distribute and/or operate grow outlets.

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