1. "Its like swallows people swallows need to swallows be swallows around other swallows people swallows

  2. Jesus fucking christ, can you just start smacking into the microphone? Who the fuck has to vocally swallow after ever 3 to 5 words?

  3. I have seen first hand so-called "mental health" professionals (what a contradiction) and they are hell bent and damned determined to declare someone mentally ill simply for not having any deep social contacts. Plus, the psycho-babble crowd gets to determine the definition of social and deep, so they can keep constantly moving the goal posts and redefining it, in order to ensnare more and more people into their little categories. They use a phrase "socially isolated" and they use it with the tone of voice most people think of when referring to a child molester or serial rapist.

    Never, and I mean NEVER, agree with the psycho-babble crowd that you are socially isolated. Because you can never be sure exactly what they mean by it or that they are being forthright and open about their real/genuine definition. You will be labeled, as mentally ill, all the rest of your life.

  4. I choose to be alone i do feel the pain and loneliness but i felt more pain when i put my trust in people and got turned on

  5. i don't understand why he sometimes wears headphones and sometimes does not. make up your mind Joe!

  6. I'm alone but I'm not lonely. Are you confusing shitsofrenia with quantum (different dimensions) jumping?

  7. I think there are times when being alone is the best thing for some of us. In my case, I have had fairly negative relationships with my brother and mother for some time now. I don't feel as though the good times outweigh the bad anymore. The only real remedy is putting some distance between myself and them so I don't give them the power to hurt me. I can't exactly lean on friends or other family members because they'll just think I'm a bad person for not wanting to be around family. Everyone has to be judgmental. Therefore the only real peace I get is being alone with my thoughts and forgiving myself for my imperfections.

  8. none of this even fucking matters i know i dont fucking matter i know im not made of money and the way the world works is if you have no money your alone i been alone everyday for the last 14 years deppressed as fuck no friends no money and because of that fact women wont give me the time of day so i just dont talk to them anymore really i dont talk to a single person in reall ife being broke and on a disability pension in Canada means i get 1000 a month to live on not even enough to pay bills and rent in Canada i cant own a car but oh wait the muslim reffugees get double that they can afford to have a life fuck you all i want to be dead

  9. you can be locked away in solidarity confinement for year and not feel lonely. be out in the real world surrounded by many people and feel it. it's definitely a head fuck.

  10. This mf needs water i cant stand the way he talk fuck8n swallowin gulpin with EVER sentence omfg why is your mouth so dry

  11. The biggest thing that drives loneliness today, is behaviour modification.

    So i think you forgot that one thing.

    Govs want people in cities to feel isolated from one another, to stop mob rule.

  12. so we have these social data markers that loneliness is at an extreme high in the US, can someone do a study to determine the cause and what effects that cause is having on society. is it social media, is it the nature of the economy, is it the lack of neighborly behavior in communities?

  13. You can't really be lonely these days, you can communicate with people over the internet. it's just the dynamics of interaction post internet is different from what it was pre internet.

  14. Divorce and Custody battles in family court left me broke and I lost the desire to socialize. I'm afraid my children will think its normal to isolate myself.

  15. If you know someone who is isolating, please just reach out. You don’t need to be a best friend &/or pest, but just put yourself in front of them with a short conversation or ask an opened ended question about them and let them talk & engage. A little goes a long way. Peace to All.

  16. How abundant and accurate is the mental health data coming out of Africa? I doubt the validity of a lot of his statements

  17. I don't agree with you. Loneliness is state of mind that was practiced by prophets and scholars and very important personality through human history, loneliness is the best way to knowledge and deep thoughts loneliness is a discipline that makes you understand things that aren't clear enough because of the crowded lifestyle around use, loneliness is a contemplation and key to understanding the the parallel world.
    Better to be alone than to be with bad company.

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