Joe Rogan Experience #1246 – Pot Debate – Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart

Alex Berenson is a former reporter for The New York Times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings. His new book “Tell …


  1. These two stoners dodged the psychosis conversation because they knew it wasn't gonna end well. You started talking about the kinect and wii ? Joe, you're full of shit.

  2. The moment Joe and that other pot guy believed that their was a documented schizophrenia in the United States, literally not possible as explained by the anti stoner, i gotta tell you, Joe is absolutely wrong on this subject. If the only data of increased psychosis is from european nations that actually can document the spike in psychosis and their exists a causal link, that's just basic statistics.

  3. Thc stays in your system for 30 to 60 days I can smoke a blunt today n be sober all day tomorrow n if I die in a car accident n you did your study and ua it would be a thc involved incident ? Lmfao lmfao lmfao wow ….

  4. Hey you guys would really help to improve the cannabis industry and clean up production methods world wide if you had Kevin Jodrey on to talk about the Cannabis Industry, what's wrong with it and how it could be better. The guys story is very interesting and he'd be a great guest in general
    Edit: I watched a Kevin Jodrey talk after this and realised his way of reasoning and explaining things and his whole demeanour reminds me of Joe Rogan. Wasn't even thinking that when i first commented haha

  5. Okay but I've had severe mental issues and multiple suicide attempts since the age of 11 and I'm 26 now in therapy bc I cant function as a human being. Gtfoutta here with that bullshit about teens being healthier.

  6. I’m an addict….mostly to weed. It takes over eventually. It’s in my genealogy. Just can’t do it…

  7. Anecdotal but, as a skitzophrenic, weed has helped me for over a decade. Alex seems to be very uneducated on a very large portion of the things he's claiming or he's purposely ignoring data he doesn't agree with. He ignored the importance of Joe's point of a 50% increase in suicide but acknowledged the 20% and 40% in crime increases as significant when it benefits his points. Definitely an interesting debate

  8. The author put his foot in his mouth a dozen times in this, but I respect him for owning up to the truths and the fact that he only stands (or stood, at least) for part of the truth. And it was just as nice to hear Joe admit that he was also wrong for only standing up for part of the truth in his past when saying weed is benign.

    This was a beautifully civil debate that 100% would have gotten out of hand on most other platforms. Joe is a goddamn pioneer and I hope he sticks around for a long long time.

  9. People have breakdown when they have bad reactions to morphine and that’s still considered a medicine đŸ˜‚

  10. Started at 13. I quickly moved onto hard drugs. When it came time to quit drinking and drugging, I turned to weed. Now I just smoke weed. I concede that 13 was too young, but I made it.

    My wife's psych meds don't work by themselves. Add high THC and high CBD and they work great.

  11. i would say another man made chemical is the shit i am trying to get away from.Even if it is a "placebo" effect ..IT FUCKING worked for someone..NOBODY but EFFING NOBODY needs more pharmaceutical drugs given to them…give it a CHANCE…and hurry the eff up already..peoples lives DEPEND ON IT!!!!

  12. im so glad this smuck came on the podcast, its so sad to see someone ignore such large facts, cant belive he discredits teen issues.

  13. Over indulgence with any substance can be argued to be a factor in violence …So we go back to square 1…this argument will be waged for generations…Everyone already agreed substance use "can" be a problem…on&on we go……Its interesting to debate but it is going to be years and generations before….on….&….on…….Great show!

  14. you have to know what strains work best for you…Sativas speed you up and can cause panic attacks..indicas are a good choice for relaxing and chilling out(couchlock)…You should still wait til you are older to experiment…Alcohol is much worse than Green Meds! screw this crunching numbers to justify it….Its a personal choice! And 18-25yr olds are more prone to accidental death and suicide ..its a rough time of life!! so many other environmental factors play into this …You arent going to tell me its directly connected to pot…good luck proving it! bottom line is if you have mental problems steer clear of any recreational drugs!!!

  15. Something I want to point out, no matter how close you are to someone you can and do miss the signs of mental illness. And someone that suffers from mental illness can lessen the symptoms or just flat out lie about it. How much of that's been taken in to account? How can you even study that aspect?

  16. That was a fantastic discussion and one that really hit home for me. I grew up around Humboldt county where pot use was a daily and normal thing. You have no clue what I've seen go wrong and right. Thanks.

  17. This guy Berenson is so horrible. Cannabis causing ppl to murder people…. wow…… that's so far off … think off all the ppl we all know who smoke weed and such… how many have you known to suddenly just get crazy and kill someone. I do believe smoking pot for a schizophrenic is a bad idea as I've seen that go badly. Both stoners on this show are happy and ripped the non stoner is sad, miserable angry and upset.

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