Jim Cramer Thoughts on Marijuana Stocks 2019? ?

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  1. I’m just starting to look into all this because I realize the potential. How exactly do I go about buying into one or more of these companies?

  2. Thanks, its informative. Would you please make a video about TESLA as a stock. Is it worth adding to portfolio?

  3. Aphria will be top 3 producers in canada once health canada approves their new growing sites.. 1million sqft .. big heavy hitters

  4. Jim is a great showman, and the media sometimes promotes him way too much AND because of that a lot of people make fun of him, while the truth is that he really does have his mind in the right places. I'm also happy to see someone from the mainstream media finally understanding how weed stocks can really make a difference.

    Great video, Nick, keep 'em coming brother!

  5. Great vid as always! KushCo is also a company to look at. They sell packaging and containers for the marijuana industry.

  6. Pot Stocks FILL me with anxiety. I feel like a may be missing out on a lot of money, but at the same time, I'd rather not promote weed smoking', haha.

  7. I had the enormous great fortune of holding a lot of shares in weekend unlimited before Friday’s rocket launch. Aphria is doing well for me too. Thank god for mj!

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