Jeffrey Gundlach on the market, millennials, cannabis, taxes, and the 2020 election

Jeffrey Gundlach CEO of DoubleLine Capital sits down with Julia La Roche of Yahoo Finance for an extended conversation. Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: …


  1. Christ…. this guy has the exact opposite of rose colored glasses and damn does he make a lot of sense. Shitty to know that no matter what I do I wont have any sort of safety net for this next recession.

  2. I get that gunlatch ks accomplished however why did he need to hire the blonde in the red dress to interview him she confuses cannabis and cryptocurrency for god's sakes;)

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  4. How about we cut back on corporate Bailouts, inflated bureaucratic military spending, stop subsidies for all fossil fuels, stop foreign aid to corrupt countries, and dictatorships. Tax the rich assets, Tax Wallstreet. Stop all that bullshit, so we can keep our social Security that we all paid into., and Medicare.

  5. Wow! What an awesome dude. I don't have a Twitter acct, but I think I will create one just to follow this man and read what he has to say.

  6. 4,000,000 turn 18 in 2019 & 1,000,000 graduate college with 4 year degrees in 2019, and this statistical pattern keeps up for the next 20 years because USA has had a 4,000,000/year birth rate since 1995. USA produces a 25% rate if BA/BS degrees among adults. YET fewer than 100,000 new jobs were created in the USA during the last year. In addition, 2,000,000 reached retirement age and retired rather than continuing working. So we are running a jobs deficit of 2,000,000 or more jobs this most recent year, since some allowance must be made for community college, college, & university students who are being supported by their parents, scholarships, &/or student loans without being employed. Only half of the adult attempts community college or above. 50% of adults born in the USA have no kind of college experience. What are the unemployed, non-students to do for employment when the retirement rate is HALF of the rate if new available, native born workers & fewer than 100,000 new jobs were created in the most recent 12 months.
    2,000,000 18 year old young women are not likely to marry & be out of the work force.
    We know that 70% of those who were in foster care will be homeless.
    Yes, there are some young people with trust funds who do not require employment, but not 2,000,000.
    When estimating pot use & economic impact, the 2,000,000 unabsorbed young adults who need employment for whom there are no jobs for each of the next 20 years ought to be figured in.
    Some will go on welfare as unwed mothers. Some will go to prison as a result if trying to support themselves through crime. Some will wander homeless. Some will be on disability from childhood.
    However, the sheer quantity of the mismatch between the jobs numbers & the new adults trying to enter the work force are troubling numbers.
    It used to be that a business degree had considerable value, opening a junior executive position for a young man in young woman. Now, it might merely produce a job sitting behind a counter at a storage locker site.
    The nation definitely has unmet needs: lifeguards, referees in many sports, teachers, substitutes, accountants, dentists, & others. What many if the young adults SAY is that they want jobs on the stage, in videos, or in the recording studio.

  7. When Boomers took control of government the national debt was 2 trillion, what the hell happened?

  8. You're and idiot if you think people are not going to be upset if the Federal Government pushes out the benefit age. Ohh, yeah, we going to just say la di da di da I guess I'll now have to wait until I'm 62 to get my retirement benefits.

  9. Pension age in the UK has already gone from 65 to 66 for men and 60 to 66 for women so it's equal – and it's going up and it will be 68 for people who are 50 now and who knows what for millennials, perhaps 75?
    In the end the Fed will just monetize the liabilities won't they? Or maybe they won't. I like his please "because the awareness of the trajectory becomes too obvious."

  10. The millennials in Sweden get cheated by government who import migrants,who get free housing,the rest of people have to invest in buying house at credit,young people cant afford to buy,have to live whit there parents for long time.

  11. There is no debt ..the guy has no idea the debt is nothing more the the U.S.A output ..its all nonsense. Please you want real in-site..go listen to Mike Norman …on the U.S debt and markets ..and stop listening to this fear crap ..

  12. Mr Gundlach Bitcoin is back above $10,000 , and Facebook is launching their Libra Coin, what does that tell you ?

  13. History shows every 80 years +/- (once per generation) a depression redistributes the wealth in a society. The millennials got screwed out of their inheritance because the Fed stepped in and changed the song in 2008. Trouble is now the internet generation will change it back with a revolution.

  14. Geared toward protecting only the rich…boomers have paid highest social security taxes compared to earlier generations and most boomers have worked for 40+ years. The bills are due and owed to the people. Wait for the 60 million person march on Washington if you try to cut. Raise taxes on wealthy to 50%, it was 90% income tax in prosperous 1950s and 1960s. Raise SS benefit age to 75 will ensure over 50% never collect, shameful!!!

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  16. Gundlach needs to leave California. He needs to go to Texas or Florida and save 13% of his income. Those states treat producers like cows they can milk.

  17. I just invest in gold and gold stocks, and I don't give a shit how far it goes down, because there is no way gold is going to stay down. We are going to get MASSIVE deflation – when priced in gold.

  18. If you don't want to "invest in old people", don't tax us with SS and Medicare taxes our whole careers.

  19. Are you F****NG kidding me? Tell the millennials to get off their asses and work the same way we did when we were young……………….

  20. Victimhood bullshit. Social security is a large driver of his 7-1 ratio, and the elderly paid in SS their whole life. Further, debt like student loans is a willful agreement by students, they must learn to shop around or say no to outrageous prices.

  21. Stocks and real estate needs to go down hard, 90% hard, and fast. Millennials can't wait another 10 years….the youngest is Taylor Swift's age at 29 and the older are Britney Spear's or Alessandra Ambrosio's age at 38. They need to create another crash so the Baby Boomers can get wiped out after a lifetime of stupidity, and let the next generation starting getting a roof over their head and saving for a retirement. The makings of a generational war is already here, the Boomers committed a egregious act of generational theft and leaving the country bankrupt and their children are somehow worse off than their parents. This can not go unpunished. I am totally okay with Baby Boomers going homeless having lost their savings in the next financial crisis that's bigger than 2008, and hyperinflation will happen because the Boomers decided that counterfeit money is the way to go to fund their entitlements, their wars, and their welfare state and it's because they have been stupid with liberalism, socialism, and communism their whole life. The Boomers are going to be hanged for this.

  22. Joe Biden does have a message: "I'm sorry. I hate me, too. Please erase the last 45 years of my life from the record."

  23. This guy is worried about his social security and his Net-Worth is 2 Billion Dollars$$$$$$$$$$, one of the many problems in our own country, is the Corruption
    by Politicians, Business leaders and foreign policies. The middle Class has been dwelling on steroids since our Government leaders became Millionaires ,
    I'm sorry Mr. Gundlach you're are stuck on a Wall Market Level, that makes and loses money, it's People that make the Markets, not he other way around,
    Money is paper, People are Reality. Reminds me of a saying, " The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese ". The values, morals
    and true interactions of what we as the Leading country of the World is not respected like it use to, because we keep changing our Standards and not our Opportunities.
    Hearing Real smart people talk about our future, won't change anything , without Real Solutions that can Create Real Results.
    President Trump is doing a Great Job, but with more support from everyone our country will stand stronger. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!

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