Jeck Pilpil and the Peace Pipe – Legalize Medical Marijuana – 420 Philippines Art Peace Music 7

Songs have power. And in this song, Jeck Pilpil and the Peace Pipe sing about their favorite plant and how it can heal the nation. Performed at the 420 …


  1. We need to Abolish the Drug War System, otherwise, our perpetrators turn into our regulators. Free us to become healthy wealthy and prosperous.

  2. it's already legalize now! for medicinal purposes of course! irie! mabuhay Pinas! medical marijuana!👌

  3. Yuh mon 😊😁 Legalize Marijuana 💯❤ Ibuh Talaga Kapag Jeck Pilpil ❤💋 One Love Brotha 😁 Visit Cebu 💯

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