Jamaicans Are Worried Foreigners Will Take Over the Ganja Market (HBO)

Until very recently, smoking weed was completely illegal in Jamaica. But in 2015, the law changed, and individuals are now allowed to have a small amount of …


  1. “I'm just saying most of these coming in are concerned with money. About making money out of an industry that our people have suffered for.”
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  2. Someday we will approve this in Costa Rica, as soon as our government makes something smart. Just look at Uruguay, I envy them!!

  3. I’m Starting My Own WEED BAR real soon in Miami or Vegas, we have to stick together I’m from Jamaica and if you Guys don’t only want to be super wealthy but don’t want to see them STEAL what’s ours again contact me UnwineServices@gmail.com

  4. This is a pathetic, worry. A pernicious, and God damned weed. An entry drug into drug addiction. Addicts are all mental patients and a really small percentage are actually cancer patients.despicable trade, evil plant. Should not be legal at all. This drug is worst than tobacco and alcohol.

  5. They're not scared of foreign companies, they're scared of non-black business. You're not slaves and the people coming there arent slave owners. Grow up, move on and stop whining about shit that never happened to you. You aint being compensated for shit.

  6. I wouldn't trust them Jamaicans on my field I guarantee they steal about half of his yearly crop ! That Canadian guy is too interested in providing good quality smoke to Jamaicans.

  7. Its so funny how they like to ban things when black people try to make money on it but as soon as they can see a market where the white man can own it and take away the control from the black man they now legalize it. Seem opertunistic and convenient to me. Instead of helping the local weed farmers to expand on their business they allowed a white man to come and own acres of land to grow weed!!!! Wow!!!

  8. Just like Jamaica letting the Chinese come in and takeover, beaches and natural resources being sold off; time to wake up Jamaica and stand up for your rights!

  9. I'd be willing to pay for the license for several growers and give them 70 percent of the business. I don't understand the greed, this is an honest opportunity to give someone a hand up and let the majority of the money stay in the community to improve a fellow human beings quality of life.

  10. You wanna own it yourself? Don't get high off your own supply. Keep a clear head, free from foreign substances. Otherwise you'd be another Tuco Salamanca.

  11. Y'all, I made a music video while I vacationed in Jamaica. I know this is a more serious video, but if you ARE interested…please go check it out. Thanks 🙂

  12. they are ganna take it over, unless you have billions to fight them, they will take it over :/

  13. I said this for years, ganja is Jamaica's Gold! F cking stupid JA government ain't doing nothing apart from lining their own pockets. …. crooks! Bless to the people, for the people!

  14. White people must pay for their crimes with their lives. Exterminate white people and you will find peace.

  15. BTW Wabba kills all the small farming businesses in the area. If you get to Jamaica please support the local small farmers and not the licensed "bluehole" owners

  16. Jamaica will sell this like everything else they have plus they will do anything for Massa🙄 Why is an Indian and white dude running the weed industry. Bet if it was a black business man exporting weed they would have killed him.already!

  17. white people are virus to the world. they have no culture but they destroy other people's culture.

  18. Make it illegal for foreigners to grow cannabis in Jamaica, that’s all. Why should Jamaica become like Nigeria where the resources go to foreigners and the people work for minimum wage

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