Jah Cure ft. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley – Marijuana | Official Music Video

Stream/Download this song: #Happy420 #Marijuana #Cannabis #Weed Grammy Nominated Reggae Superstar Jah Cure, has …


  1. THC makes you feel like heaven sent, CBD is to me like medicine…!!!!!!! big up breda Jr Gong.

  2. Absolutely beautiful… Say it again its hypnotic educative not to mention seductive…thank you I needed this.

  3. So many lost in marijuana. It twis the smoke that has the people unclear to see the consumption of a tree is the way it should be. Pivotal are these words to them that Genesì

  4. No other people have ever been promoting the freedom of the herd ,than Jamaicans artists,in the same breath no where else people go to prison and have been killed by our police for the herd than Jamaica 🇯🇲

  5. I saw Bob in 77 and i believe that Damian is the Legacy even if his brothers are okay. The Distant Relatives tours were unbelievable . I love the Weed and this family

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