1. I commend what Israel is doing with cannabis.. HOWEVER, I don't agree that they want to sell to big pharm in US.. If they want to help, they can show HOW to best cultivate so anyone can be a grower.. This plant needs to be decriminalize anyway.

  2. As per usual along come Them who come to take control……. Over 40 years well JAMAICA researching over 70 years CURE FOR CANCER patented in JAMAICA 2017 BY DR L. WILLIAMS……. GOOGLE THAT……

  3. Who the fuck is this guy at 103 in to this vid that says marijuana in the states is grown by some one that didnt graduate high school who is this dumb fuck we have some of the best farms on the west coast with quality growers very ignorant

  4. Cannabis doesn't need technology, moron. It's a fucking plant, put it Back In The Garden, Step the fuck Away, you Greedy Fucking Scumbags…

  5. Israel want to control medical cannabis to make fortune..the same time they use big pharma to fight legal cannabis..correct me if iam wrong..

  6. medical marijuana from Israel ?? they hate the goys.. especially NaZionts who claim to be gods chosen people. They DO not speak for all human beings whose religion is Judaism. jewish isn't a race of people… it's a religion, no different than all spiritual pathways. Zionism is an ideology; which is evil they have a lot of monopoly money. They are called the Destroyers Revelation 2:9-3:9.

    This is a really cool website; The Destroyer (Revelation 9) https://thebookofrevelationmadeclear.com/revelation-bible-study/destroyer.html

    It can only be passed down through the mother. Orthodox Judaism ?? because through Zionism/Communism your Jewish trough any family member and even converting .. I thought true rabbis don't convert ???

  7. What about the research done already that THC causing cancer cells to die and stopping cancer cells spreadind also it protecting our good cells.what about it helping our immune systems.I would like to see this none toxic medicine used without Chemo.

  8. To say that there’s not enough research when there is more research than I’ve been alive and I’m 31

  9. Surprise, surprise, a plant that is non toxic is amazing 🙂 We have an endocannabinoid system so cannabis is certainly a dangerous plant, if you have an investment in pharmaceuticals.

  10. Do not call it Marijuana, it is cannabis. Latin name is usually cannabis sativa, other strain is cannabis indica. Interestingly the seeds of the same plant produce an oil that contains all of the essential fatty acids needed by a human being for optimal health. And it also has them in the ideal procentage for humans.

  11. It's interesting that the Holy Land is the leading nation in research in what might be the most miraculous healing plant on Earth!

  12. It seemed to help with my shingles symptoms. I would like to see and experience more research in this area, as after 15 months of the nasties, it is really getting to be a drag.

  13. the problem with isreal is they will use there big pharma companies to take hold of the plant. in a few years it will be messed up gmo strains that are grown in chemicals. isreal has decieved the world many times before but hopefully this could change them, well mainly the zionists that cause chaos.

  14. He spoke very informatively. We need more research on this plant, it's insane to see it saving humans from Death yet its still being belittled and spoken down on.. Amazing..

  15. I volunteer to be a test subject. Lol
    But…seriously, I need it's positive effects. It is a great medication!

  16. 40 years of research as they said in Israel and not much results? Which strains, terpens, mixes. Glaucoma is still not covered by the research. Just blah- blah

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